Minecraft’s New Material, That Is Stronger Than Diamond But Is Tough To Find, Netherite

Minecraft’s New Material, That Is Stronger Than Diamond But Is Tough To Find, Netherite
Credit: Minecraft via YouTube

Just yesterday we explored the nether Minecraft update, but left one of the main items out. That item was the new material of the Netherite and how to get this incredibly hard to find material, to make a Netherite ingot is also quite a process even when compared to mining and finding standard diamonds. When making tools from this material, they will last longer and do more damage than their diamond variant, one additional feature of instruments made from these tools doesn’t burn in lava instead, they float on top of the lava.

To get a single Netherite ingot is quite the process, first players must go through the ordeal of finding the block called Ancient Debris that is only located in the Nether. Ancient Debris comes in veins from 1-3, and up to two veins may generate per chunk. After putting the Ancient Debris into a furnace, it gives a single Netherite Scrap.

After combining four of these Netherite Scraps along with four gold ingots, players will get a single Netherite Ingot. This Netherite Ingot can be used in a Smithing table to make the previously diamond tool into a Netherite tool.

These Netherite tools have some fantastic features like better damage for the sword and better mining speed for the pickaxe. One more fantastic feature of these tools is the fact they don’t burn in lava; instead, they float to the top of the water. This means that even if the player dies in lava, they would still be able to go back and collect these tools and armor.

The Netherite sword features attack damage of eight hearts and attack speed of 1.6, which is slightly better than the diamond sword’s attack damage of seven hearts and attack speed of 1.6. One substantially increases the Netherite sword’s durability, which is 2,031, which is roughly 500 more than the diamond sword’s durability of 1,561.

For the Netherite Pickaxe, the mining speed has significantly increased, as shown in the time, it takes to mine a block of obsidian. For a diamond pickaxe to mine, a single piece of obsidian would take roughly 9.4 seconds while the Netherite pickaxe takes just 8.35 seconds, a significant increase in mining speed. And the durability also offers the same increase as the sword.

For armor, the Netherite Chestplate doesn’t offer more armor when compared to the diamond chest plate, both giving the player eight defense points. The Netherite chest plate also doesn’t feature a significant upgrade in durability being roughly 70 durability points higher than a diamond chest plate.

For the trouble that players will go through to get the Ancient Debris, and is it worth it for items that won’t burn in lava?