Microtransactions Have Been Removed Temporarily In Ghost Recon: Breakpoint After Ubisoft Released Them By Mistake

Microtransactions Have Been Removed Temporarily In Ghost Recon: Breakpoint After Ubisoft Released Them By Mistake
Credit: Carbon Meister via YouTube

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint officially debuts on all major platforms today. It has been a long time coming for the developers at Ubisoft Paris. They’ve done a great job at promoting this latest Ghost Recon title prior to its release. The graphics look great, the story seems intriguing, and the setting is the perfect environment to test out your survival/tactical skills.

Still, there have been many hesitant about the possibility of microtransactions. It seems like every publisher wants them in their games as a way to consistently earn money. Would Ghost Recon Breakpoint have them too? Yes and no.

For those who had early access to the game, they were presented with time-saver microtransactions. These included weapons, body armor, vehicles, and skill point packs. All of these add-ons can be purchased with the game’s premium currency called Ghost Coins. Players can drop real cash for them.

Needless to say, a lot of the early access users were pretty upset. Microtransactions have been a hot-button issue for the gaming community as a whole. It seems like a way for publishers to keep the money rolling in at the expense of great gameplay experiences.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that these time-savers have recently been removed. According to Ubisoft, they were not meant to be rolled out just yet. They’re gone now, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come back at a later date. They absolutely could and honestly probably will at some point.

Ubisoft went on record saying the time-savers are designed for players who come to Breakpoint a little later than others. The premium items they can purchase will help them catch up with the more advanced players. Whether this is actually true or not remains to be seen. As it stands now, though, players purchasing this game don’t have to worry about microtransactions.

If they do come back, then players absolutely have the right to forgo them. That seems to be the best approach for those who hold disdain for this common practice today. Aside from microtransactions, Breakpoint is shaping up to be an important installment in this storied franchise. The setting, Aurora, seems like an absolutely fun environment to explore and test out your combat skills against the Wolves — the game’s antagonists.

Not having access to a lot of advanced weaponry as you’re behind enemy lines also seems like an interesting premise. Again, Breakpoint is now available if you want to check out this action firsthand.