Microsoft’s New Patents; VR Mat, Motion Controller, And Stylus Could Be Coming To Xbox

Microsoft’s New Patents; VR Mat, Motion Controller, And Stylus Could Be Coming To Xbox
Credit: Variety

From a recent Microsoft Patent, it seems the Xbox manufacturer is working on new input accessories, including support for VR. The new additions are most probably for the next-generation Xbox, dubbed Project Scarlett.

The Patent designs were shared by a Twitter user who posted the link to the entire Patent file dated October 3. Confirming the contents, indeed, it is a new Patent filed by the Redmond-based American multinational technology company.

From the illustrations as well as the descriptions, experts agree that a stylus, a VR boundary mat, and a motion controller are the input accessories in the Patent. While the illustration may not be representing the actual products, at least Xbox fans have a picture of what’s coming.

The VR boundary mat can be clearly identified on the image shared in the Patent. The role is to mark edges of the map for the player. The boundary map appears to be synced or connected to a camera and a console on top of the television set.

The other accessory that is in the pipeline is something that depicts a motion controller. The new motion controller device seems to follow in the footsteps of the Nintendo Wii. It seems the motion controller will be used with one hand while the other holds the directional stick. Players will be able to move with the thumbstick, while those playing swords games will have to replicate the action.

The last item in the new Microsoft Patent is some sort of Stylus pen. Still here, Microsoft seems to be going the Nintendo way again. From the illustrations, it is something that should enable Xbox fans to play games similar to those offered on Nintendo DS.

So far, the company has not revealed anything to the public about the new frontiers they are exploring. Probably, more information about the new Patents will be shared soon. The company will be hosting the annual X019 event starting from November 14 to Saturday, November 16 at the at the Copper Box Arena, London.

Expect more coverage regarding the new patents at this event or at least sometime during E3 2020.

Indeed, the next-generation Xbox will be a killer with the new input extras, which will mean more games for fans, and most importantly, VR gaming.

Other features confirmed for Xbox Scarlett include a custom-designed AMD processor, GDDR6 RAM, and a next-generation solid-state drive (SSD). The console will come in 2020 and will drop alongside Halo Infinite.