Lumberjack’s Dynasty Releases Major Phase 3 Content Drop

Lumberjack’s Dynasty Releases Major Phase 3 Content Drop
Credit: Lumberjack Dynasty via YouTube

Toplitz Productions and UMEO Studios have released their next major content drop for Lumberjack’s Dynasty. The title is currently in Steam Early Access. A new Steam news post details all of the new content.

The furniture update part 2 adds new ways and features to make furniture more interactive. Players can move furniture around their house to their heart’s content to make it feel more like home. A new furniture category was also added for “Kitchen Furniture.”

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The news updates show some ways that players can decorate their homes. That includes adding clothing racks, different placement of shelving units, chairs, and changing the front panel colors of furniture.

Fishing was also improved to make it a more enjoyable experience. A fishing rod with a trolling spoon was added to catch predatory fish like pike, perch, and trout. There are different types of fish, and some will appear more often than others. Players can choose from different locations to fish while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

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If players want to discover some of the more rare species, they can check out their map and look for the special locations. However, catching rare fish requires improved gear and fishing skills.

Additional content includes two new chainsaws, Treasure Chests to discover, unlockable skills, and a few quality-of-life improvements. The update is now available in the Lumberjack’s Dynasty – Furniture Update Part 2 changelog.

Three levels of Treasure Chests were added. The “Basic” level one includes food, a random gardening tool, and seeds. Level 2 contains food, a random non-gardening tool, and random potions. The Level 3 chest contains food, tree seedlings, something “precious,” and a high-level blueprint for the Furniture Factory.

Lumberjack’s Dynasty was added to Steam Early Access earlier this year. The developer is seeking player feedback on making an “exceptional” simulator game. Updates are released on a regular basis, and player feedback is taken seriously to improve the quality of the game.

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The game is planned to stay in Early Access for around six months. The developer is also working on a console release as well with plans to launch the full PC and console editions simultaneously. The game will increase in price by the time it officially launches.

Lumberjack’s Dynasty is available now in Steam Early Access.