LEC – G2 Defeats Rogue For The Last Summer Finals Spot, Meets Fnatic For A Rematch

LEC – G2 Defeats Rogue For The Last Summer Finals Spot, Meets Fnatic For A Rematch
Credit: LoL Esports

In a close semifinals series in the League of Legends European Championship, G2 Esports takes down Rogue in a grueling five-game series. The victors will have a shot at defeating the kings of LoL EU, Fnatic.

The Player of the Series goes to G2 Caps as he performed dominantly throughout the series, even games that G2 lost. The Danish player’s Syndra, caused all sorts of trouble to Rogue with G2 winning two games with the hero.

When game one starts, Rogue was taking over G2 relatively easily. Jungler Kacper “Inspired” Słoma picked Hecarim and farmed nonstop, which led to Rogue’s impressive game one victory.

Analysts and fans were expecting G2 to ban Hecarim in game two, but the team refused to succumb. Just like the first game, the jungler champion was able to put a ton of pressure to catch up. G2 had the answer for him this time, though. They took advantage of Rogue’s poor team fight engagements and enabled them to come back in the game. G2 ties the series, 1-1.

With momentum on their side, G2 held on to it in game three as they make an outstanding 26 kills within the 28-minute mark of the game. The team moved as a ferocious unit and, perhaps, making a statement to the waiting Fnatic.

As history would have wanted it, Rogue fights back in game four as they manipulate G2’s early game weakness. The team looked hungry for a LEC Finals seat and sent the legendary series to a maximum stretch.

As stated above, G2’s Caps played lights out against Rogue, and game five was no different. With a last-pick Syndra, the 20-year old mid laner secures important stuns, damage, and kill shots. It was evident that Caps was focused and had taken over the game. The MVP performance awarded the team at a rematch with Fnatic in the 2020 LEC Summer Finals.

As for the fallen Rogue, though they are out of the competition, they have earned their spot at the Worlds. They will be representing Europe’s third-seeded team. Analysts are concerned about the team’s draft strategy, as well as team fight coordination. These are just a few things Rogue can perfect before they compete again in the prestigious Worlds.

The Finals between G2 and Fnatic will commence today at 10 A.M. CST. When these two teams faced last week, G2 suffered a commanding loss from Fnatic. Fans are anticipating whether the Finals will show the same result or if G2 has a trick or two up in their sleeves.