League Of Legends Fans Insist Senna Is The New Character; Learn More About Lucian’s Wife Here!

League Of Legends Fans Insist Senna Is The New Character; Learn More About Lucian’s Wife Here!
Credit: Remus via YouTube

Rumors about the next character to be introduced in League of Legends have appeared to become stronger these days. And fans have been insisting that Lucian’s wife, Senna, is undoubtedly the new legend to join the league.

The multiplayer battle game from Riot has been among the favorite multiplayer titles since its launch in 2009. When it was still new in its genre, it was pitted against Dota. When the latter’s popularity waned, the MOBA game had to face a new contender.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch was released in 2016. Its arrival somehow caused a threat to LOL. Therefore, it is only rational for its developer to make enhancements to the League of Legends continuously.

For quite some time now, fans have been asking Riot Games to include Senna already in its line-up of strong characters. This clamor seemed to have found light when news about her arrival hugged the headlines over the weekend. Accordingly, all hints are pointing to the wife of Lucian.

One Reddit user pointed out a few pieces of evidence why he is sure that it is Senna. Accordingly, the fog formation would not have been seen at the start of the game without any purpose. This scenario was interpreted as a signal to the character’s arrival. Another evidence presented was the “trivia,” which Thresh gave out when he battled against Lucian in League of Legends. It can be recalled that the former trapped the latter’s wife in his lantern.

The connection among Thresh, Lucian, and Senna was captured in a meme, which showed the latter being trapped. This particular post was shared on the game’s FB account as a memory three days ago. This ignited the curiosity of one fan who pointed out a potential mistake in the said post.

Via a Reddit discussion, the fan noted that the post was made in June 2015. It is absurd, therefore, to see it as a shared memory in October. Following this line of thought, the developer must be sending a message about Senna’s inclusion in League of Legends anytime soon.

On the other hand, a tweet from the LOL’s official account generated another intense speculation from the anticipating gamers. Accordingly, the clip, with the caption “It ends now,” means only one thing.

A follower surmised that it could be a clash between Thresh and Lucian, wherein the latter won and freed Senna finally.

With no official announcement from the developer yet about the next legend, more and more spoilers are expected to come. So, keep posted for more League of Legends news and updates!