League Of Legends Esports Manager Game Details Revealed By Developer, Riot Games

League Of Legends Esports Manager Game Details Revealed By Developer, Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games via Youtube

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, has finally announced an Esports Manager game, which fans have been waiting for a couple of years.

Riot Games has recently opened pre-registration to the Chinese player base and revealed some additional details regarding it.

The game will most likely be a ‘gacha’ type of game, where you need to invest a lot of time and money to be successful. It will also be a mobile game available on both Android & iOS platforms.

The game will use the Chinese player base as a test, releasing for LPL in 2020. Therefore, the official website and guide for playing are only available in Mandarin for now. However, translating the information from the site and the guide gives some information.

After pre-registering on the website, a window pops up requesting a QQ or WeChat account (Chinese social media). Registering will provide the player with gold coins, vouchers, energy drinks to use on players, and a coupon for seven days to be used on the LPL host as a coach.

The vouchers are the premium currency of the game, just like Riot Points are in League of Legends. Gold coins seem to be the equivalent of blue essence; it will be used to upgrade players and equipment. Energy drinks imply the existence of an exhaust system just like other mobile games, where you have a limited number of games in a given period. This exhaust system will cap the progress of free-to-play players and force them to buy energy drinks with real money if they want to be competitive.

Riot Games implemented a stretch goal, the current known goal being 12 million registered users. If the game reaches this amount, then all players will obtain an SSR token. SSR stands for super, super, rare, and is a standard used quality in most gacha games (ex. DBZ).

As for the quickplay guide, all current 16 LPL teams will be present in the game. Players will be able to build their roster from all the available players. The game will be updated during the season; all changes in LPL will automatically transfer to the game as well.

The game is not limited to current active players; it will include some retired players as well, allowing everyone to rewrite history.

The matches themselves will last around five minutes, with players being in charge of the pick and ban phase. Once the game begins, players can dictate the strategy and force a specific strategy, like ganking another lane or defending a carry.

The direction of the game seems to be different from the hyper-competitive Football Manager; it seems to appeal towards a more casual player base.

League of Legends Esports Manager will most likely be released in 2020, with an official English translation down the line after the test in China.