KovaaK 2.0 Begins Launch Attempt 2.0 After Previous Failed 2.0 Launch Features

KovaaK 2.0 Begins Launch Attempt 2.0 After Previous Failed 2.0 Launch Features
Credit: ImPoisoned via YouTube

Who would have guessed we would be looking at these features yet again, after the disaster that was Kovaak’s Aim Trainer being taken over by the development team The Meta, resulting in KovaaK 2.0: The MetaWe’ve discussed it to death at this point, from their clunky menus to what appeared as social inclusion of needing your Epic Games Store ID, and a loss of everything that made the aim trainer fantastic in the beginning.

So The Meta rolled back the changes, apologized, and went back to work on bringing the title up to form in a manner that PC gamers expect from a name such as KovaaK, the Quake pro with ungodly precision aiming.  Recently, they reached out to their Steam community and requested Beta volunteers to opt-in and test the new features before pushing them live yet again.

Now that we’re all up to speed with the recent stumblings, KovaaK 2.0: The Meta has relaunched, and it’s a bit better than it was.

First and foremost, it takes longer to load in on the initial launch.  With a beefy PC, it took over 60 seconds for the application to finally launch and put me in the training mode that I always warm up with.  Load times aside, that was a welcome feature for the 2.0 launch 2.0.  Rather than being welcomed with something that asks if you’re training for Overwatch or Fortnite (as though they’re some pinnacle of titles in the competitive scene), you boot the application right into whatever training mode you left it on.

Author via KovaaK 2.0: The Meta

If you quit the application from a training mode, you rejoin the training mode that you were last in.  There is still the Trainer function in the pause menu that seems to be the culprit of the slow load times.  Developers The Meta seem adamant about you building a profile through them.  If you opt to (and again, it isn’t necessary; the meat and potatoes of KovaaK are once again playable), you can still select only Overwatch or Fortnite.  Feels bad if you’re enjoying the current resurgence of Counter-Strike, or if you prefer R6 Siege.

Swallow the bullet, however, and there’s actually something of merit within the update that has otherwise gone unnoticed.  There is currently only a flicking trainer (precisely and quickly moving your mouse, firing, and moving back to the neutral position), but the trainer actually helps.  It showed me that I typically tend to weakly flick to the upper-left quadrant of a target, resulting in a near miss.  A little honing and being conscious of that tendency, and I was winning far more CSGO matches.

Author via KovaaK 2.0: The Meta

So there is something to be found that will bring this aim trainer beyond what it has been in the past, and the analytics are pretty spot on for observing what you tend to do in the fabled ‘clutch or kick’ circumstance when the comms have been rendered dead silent and your hands get clammy.  Also, even if you’re stuck training for Overwatch, the skills can transition to other titles.

The question remains, when will other titles get this love?  Namely, Counter-Strike, that has a unique feature of spray patterns that must be learned, and reticle size for movement; for Rainbow 6 Siege, the peeker’s advantage could definitely be spelled out and explained.  Frankly, there are titles far more deserving of training features, and it’s a shame that it’s so limited in scope at this point in time.

Additionally, loading screens are becoming longer with every patch; beyond the initial load, loading between sandbox scenes also feels frustratingly long.  The application doesn’t yet merit coveted SSD storage space, and it will be interesting to see if this problem becomes better or worse in coming patches.