Judgement Is Set To Release On June 25 For PlayStation 4 Users Worldwide; Drawing Comparisons To The Yakuza Series

Judgement Is Set To Release On June 25 For PlayStation 4 Users Worldwide; Drawing Comparisons To The Yakuza Series
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you enjoy beat’em up video games, you’ve probably come across the Yakuza games. They’re known for telling the harsh life of the yakuza, a Japanese organized crime syndicate that rivals mobsters in America. These games highlight crime and the underground, where people do anything to get ahead.

One upcoming game that’s drawing a lot of comparisons to this series is Judgement. This makes sense considering it’s a spin-off of the Yakuza series. It first came out in Japan on December 13, 2018. Now, it’s set to release worldwide on June 25 for the PlayStation 4.

Fans of the Yakuza series have been waiting for this moment for quite some time. Will this wait pay off and take the franchise even further? Let’s find out and take a deeper look. First off, the game is being developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. Like most of the Yakuza games, Judgement is shot from a third-person perspective.

Instead of following along a yakuza member, you’re Takayuki Yagami — a private investigator. After a series of murders occur, Yagami is tasked with finding out what happened. The environments are exactly like those in the Yakuza series. Thus, fans of the franchise will feel right at home.

And even though you don’t get to fight as a yakuza member, Yagami still feels like a serviceable character. He’s not devoid of emotion, either. He has a pretty good backstory and his back-and-forth banter with this partner, Kaito, will have you engaged from start to finish.

As far as this game’s plot, it escalates pretty traditionally. Still, the characters are the centerpiece that keep you engaged. Additionally, there are plenty of side missions to explore. They help change up the pace of gameplay, as well as give you the chance to explore different environments.

The combat system is like that in Yakuza o, where you’ll have the chance to switch into different styles. Each one has different capabilities and is thus suited for a particular purpose. For example, the tiger-style is oriented more towards single combat. The subtle differences in combat keep everything fresh while you explore the mysteries of these serial killings.

One of the more unique features is a friend system. Completing challenges for various NPCs will help you build up a distinct friendship meter, which after reaching a certain point, will unlock valuable rewards. You’re thus rewarded for exploration and helping out those that need it the most. All in all, Judgement seems like a serviceable extension of the Yakuza franchise.