It Takes Two Highlights The Benefits Of Co-Op In Its Official Trailer Reveal

It Takes Two Highlights The Benefits Of Co-Op In Its Official Trailer Reveal
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Co-op games have a lot of great elements for players that enjoy teaming up with others to complete quests and conquer obstacles. There are a lot of great offerings in this regard, and you can add It Takes Two to that list.

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Recently highlighted at The Game Awards 2020, It Takes Two is about completing surreal challenges with a friend. Players take on the role of Cody and May, a couple that awakens to find themselves transformed into dolls.

In order to return to their human forms, they must fix their relationship through mind-bending puzzles, obstacle courses, and boss battles. One activity after another, Cody and May will learn what it takes to work together as a team and find the passion that has dimmed over time.

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The trailer goes on to show all kinds of co-op quests, from hopping on giant frogs to outrunning giant moles underground. The challenges are based on the couple’s ability to work through challenges as a collective. It’s a captivating concept that emphasizes the importance of players being on the same page with their selected partner.

There are a lot of co-op titles that still allow players to go at challenges solo, but It Takes Two really seems to emphasize playing with another partner. According to the game’s description, players can ask a friend to join for free through Remote Play.

If you don’t have anyone to play with locally, you can always seek someone out online. Whoever you end up choosing, It Takes Two will throw a lot of disruptive mechanics at you. They’re designed to challenge you and get you to collaborate in fun ways.

The gameplay is primarily based around platforming, where players have to use their wits to figure out the best way of advancing through the bevvy of different stages. There are all kinds of structures and devices that can be used to aid in advancing on to the next area. Some are larger than life, which provides a very fantasy-like quality to It Takes Two.

The game is currently scheduled to release in March on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It seems like a charming title, perfect for those looking for something fun to play with a friend that also likes diverse challenges.

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The story could also help gamer couples going through their own bad times. If things are in a fragile place, maybe It Takes Two can get you to rekindle a love. Anything is possible.