Infinity Ward Gives More Details On Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Single-Player Campaign

Infinity Ward Gives More Details On Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Single-Player Campaign
Credit: Infinity Ward via YouTube

Unfortunately, developer Infinity Ward didn’t show much more of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare during E3 week, as they only provided fans with a pair of screenshots from the game’s multiplayer mode.

However, Infinity Ward studio art director Joel Emslie and single-player design director Jacob Minkoff showed off two of the game’s levels from the single-player campaign in a hotel suite during E3. During the presentation, the two developers reportedly talked about how realistic the upcoming title will be, adding that, at some points during Modern Warfare’s campaign, players will undoubtedly feel emotionally uncomfortable with what’s going on.

According to Kotaku, Infinity Ward is still trying to figure out just how emotionally disturbing they want the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare single-player campaign to be. Moreover, while the campaign will be a totally linear story, players will be able to choose how they go about each individual mission.

Also according to Kotaku, the first scene that was shown in the demo is being described as harrowing. The scene reportedly starts out with a terrorist attack in London, and it transitions to a house where there’s a mix of terrorists and civilians. The player’s role in the mission is to be a part of a special forces unit that infiltrates the aforementioned house, with the objective being to take down the terrorists without harming innocent civilians.

Jacob Minkoff stated that, while the story is completely linear, players will be free to do whatever they want during missions. This includes doing some pretty horrifying things to innocent people if a player chooses to do so. He also added that, if you play in an honorable way, the game will reward you. But, if you don’t, the experience might not end up being as rewarding.

Also according to Minkoff, the game will be able to figure out if you shot an innocent person on purpose, or by accident. On top of that, missions won’t automatically fail if a player does something dishonorable.

On top of all that, the game’s protagonist unit will have both Russian allies and Russian enemies. Moreover, the unit will also have allies in the middle east, and they’ll also have enemies from the region as well.

Infinity Ward will definitely be giving out a lot more details regarding the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign, and of course, the game’s multiplayer mode in the coming weeks and months, as it’s set to be released this coming October.