Indie Developer DragonClaw Studios Have Launched A Kickstarter For Their Upcoming Title, Twilight Star: Heart Of Eir!

Indie Developer DragonClaw Studios Have Launched A Kickstarter For Their Upcoming Title, Twilight Star: Heart Of Eir!
Credit: TwilightStar: Heart of Eir via YouTube

Independent games make the world go around, and the latest title is in development now! Indie developer DragonClaw Studios launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming JRPG title, Twilight Star: Heart of Eir.

There are nine tiers for donations overall, ranging from $25 all the way up to $5,000. Supporting this game comes with some fantastic benefits, not the least of which is, of course, helping to support your local indie dev and growing the gaming community!

On their Kickstarter, they list the following as some of the most accomplished features of the title:

  • Strong semi-linear storyline to keep depth and emotion of the player
  • Collect and discover hundreds of cosmetic decorations for your home
  • Fully controllable and customizable spell list for your character
  • Challenging old-school quest design instead of quest markers
  • Magic Affinity System that can shape your interactions with the world
  • Fully dynamic day/night system along with weather
  • Village-building mechanics using modern Survival Game traits
  • Fishing, growing, and harvesting resources for potion-making and other uses
  • Extensive weapons upgrade system
  • A wide arrangement of dungeons to explore
  • Unique single-player and multiplayer card game coming to mobile smartphones via iOS and Android.

In terms of combat, Heart of Eir has a combo system that combines active turn-based combat to allow players to either control all characters manually or place them on Advanced AI controls. Players will also interact with a tactical puzzle system that provides both simple and complex problems to provide a variety of challenges for players to solve in order to progress.

One interesting note on this Kickstarter as that it isn’t the only one the team will be holding. Due to the events of the world over the last few months with the COVID-19 pandemic, DragonClaw is aware that many that may want to support them may not be able to due to the disruptions to daily life. As such, this Kickstarter has a goal of only $10,000 instead of the original $25,000, though it’ll also run for a shorter amount of time. Later on, once the world gets spinning again, the team intends to hold another Kickstarter.

It’s great to see a flexible crowdfunding campaign that brings the lives of its supporters into the way that they run their campaign. Many players that may not have been able to support the campaign will now hopefully be able to lend it the support they feel it deserves. Overall, it’s definitely a win-win.

There’s plenty more to the game that we can’t list here, so go and read up on their extensive Kickstarter campaign to see if you feel like this title is worth your support!