In Hello Games’ Latest Update, No Man’s Sky Releases Expansive Set Of Bobbleheads For The Cockpit

In Hello Games’ Latest Update, No Man’s Sky Releases Expansive Set Of Bobbleheads For The Cockpit
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

When No Man’s Sky first came out over a few years ago, most of the people who had been long awaiting its eventual release felt incredibly cheated. Why you might ask? Well, it is quite simple, the game just felt sparse. And in fact, it totally was. There was nowhere near all of the content that the gamers were promised inside of the game like we all had hoped that there would be.

It actually felt like we were all playing inside of a ghost town. It was a universe without a lot of the fun stuff going on in it. All you could do was go out and collect things and then combine them to be a little bit better at collecting things and combining things. It was, to put it shortly, a bit of a disappointment. But all of that has changed. And this week it is even going to change in one of the coolest ways you could ever imagine.

See. The thing about No Man’s Sky is that it was released far before it was scheduled to do so. “Why?” you might ask. Well, as it turns out, the developers behind this powerhouse of a game were actually pushed to publish the game far before they felt they were ready.

And in fact, that is sort of what happens all of the time in this wild, wild video game industry. We are shown wild games, and then we are disappointed by their eventual roll-out only to be satiated later after paying through the nose for two or three DLC packages that should have come out with the original video game. And here, this is where the developers behind No Man’s Sky have succeeded.

Unlike all of the others in the industry, these folks kept adding more and more to the game through free content and updates. That is some serious dedication, and they deserve some applause for their actions. Thank you, guys! Good work.

As it turns out, one of the latest features is the addition of freaking awesome bobbleheads that will sit inside your cockpit as you jet around the universe and see everything going on all around you. It is totally cool and worth it. These little things come in thousands of variations and will have their heads bob up and down as you shoot out into lightspeed. If you end up being a big fan of sci-fi, then be sure to check out No Man’s Sky.