How To Find The Ancient Saddle And Ancient Bridle In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC, Champion’s Ballad

How To Find The Ancient Saddle And Ancient Bridle In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC, Champion’s Ballad
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers players many ways to customize their exploration and world-saving experience. One of these ways is catching a horse and naming it to be your very own. For just 20 rupees, you’re able to receive a bridle and saddle as well.

There are a number of unique saddle-and-bridle combinations in the game that you can use on your horse that help to provide different aesthetics to your equine companion, from monster-themed furs and fangs to knight-themed segmented metal armor.

The Ancient Saddle and Ancient Bridle, true to form, give your horse a guardian-themed aesthetic complete with orange and blue glowing patterns going up the length of the horse. It also has stony ridges that follow up the mane to the head.

As well as an ancient Sheikah theme, the Ancient Saddle and Ancient Bridle is the only combo that provides a stat bonus and static effect to your horse.

The Ancient Bridle adds two spurs to your horse’s stamina, allowing your horse to run at top speeds for longer. This effect stacks on top of your horse’s normal stamina, as well as any temporary stamina your horse may have received through other means.

In order to find the Ancient Bridle, you’ll need to head to the Mogg Latan shrine, then go north. Look for a narrow path that leads through the mountain. On the other side, you’ll see a small pond beneath a cherry blossom tree. Activate your Magnesis to find an EX chest in the tree’s roots. Pull it out and open it to get the Ancient Bridle.

The Ancient Saddle is the counterpart to the Ancient Bridle and adds an interesting static effect to your steed of choice. It will allow you to summon your horse from anywhere, no matter how far away from it you are or where you left it.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to summon your horse to your side if you’re in a location where horses aren’t allowed, such as the Gerudo Desert or inside houses.

To find the saddle, start from Highland Stable, then follow the road west past Haran Lake. After that, take the next left, and cross over the Horse God Bridge. Soon you’ll arrive at Malanya Spring, where the chest containing the saddle is located.

Malanya Spring, also known as the Horse God Spring, has the interesting property of being able to revive any horses that may have died (accidentally, of course) during your travels. If you have the Champion’s Ballad DLC, be sure to grab these important pieces of gear!