Horror Artist Suehiro Maruo Teases Possibility Of A New Silent Hill Despite Konami Insisting No Title Is In Development

Horror Artist Suehiro Maruo Teases Possibility Of A New Silent Hill Despite Konami Insisting No Title Is In Development
Credit: Lance McDonald via YouTube

Rumor and drama makes the world go round, and in the gaming world, this is truer than ever. With much of the world in lockdown to practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, rumors catch like wildfire.

Of course, it always helps when the source of the rumors is actually authoritative. And if it’s a rumor about one of the most highly anticipated things in recent gaming history, then its all the better.

Suehiro Maruo, a notable artist in the horror manga world (and in general, really), hinted at a possible new Silent Hills title. The artist took to social media to drop a few hints for fans that have been constantly looking for the next sign of a new title since P.T. was canceled.

On Instagram, Maruo posted a picture of the words Silent Hills on what appeared to be a gravestone. The picture was accompanied with the caption “Afternoon invitations hope you’ll join in.” Later on on the story, Maruo also posted a picture of a sign that read “MIDTOWN EAST KONAMI” outside of one of the Konami buildings.

Obviously, there isn’t much in the way of coding here. Maruo quite literally invited his audience to join in on an invitation to Silent Hills, and the slavering masses of fans wanting to grab the next bit of information about the franchise were quick to draw every possible conclusion.

Of course, this contradicts with the announcement Konami made not too long ago where they insisted that there was no Silent Hills title in development. The company was resolute in saying that no such game was coming down the pipeline, and that there were no intentions for one to be. While they weren’t shutting the door completely, the title was no where near their to-do list, it seemed.

It also isn’t the first time that something like this was teased. Back in January, Masahiro Ito, a designer that worked with Kojima on the Silent Hills franchise, tweeted about how he was “working on a title as a core member,” stating that he hoped that the title wouldn’t be canceled. Fans quickly drew this as a hint towards Silent Hills, referencing the infamous cancelation of P.T. by Konami, which was also accompanied by ousting Kojima from the company.

There’s no telling if a title is truly in production or not until one of the main heads behind it actually announces it. While Maruo is an authoritative figure to start a rumor, a rumor is still a rumor, so conserve your hype until a full announcement comes.