Hinterland’s COVID-19 Fundraiser Has Ended, Raising More Than $190,000 Dollars For The UNF And WHO

Hinterland’s COVID-19 Fundraiser Has Ended, Raising More Than $190,000 Dollars For The UNF And WHO
Credit: Hinterland via YouTube

The COVID-19 pandemic has ground productivity to a halt in much of the world, with people worldwide practicing self-isolation and social distancing. As the pandemic raged on, more and more developers and the company pledged what they could to help with the relief efforts in place against the growing pandemic.

Hinterland Studios was among the many that pledged to do what they could. The developers of The Long Dark announced in March that they would be placing the title on sale and donating 100% of the revenue generated by this sale to the relief efforts, especially those in place from the World Health Organization.

“In the face of this global pandemic, we all have to do our part to support each other, and this is a time where game studios and the experiences we create can make a real difference in people’s lives,” Hinterland Founder & CEO Raphael van Lierop said in the announcement. “We’re proud to be able to donate 100% of the revenue from this fundraiser, and to join other world-leading brands in the fight against this terrible virus.”

Originally, the company pledged $100,000 USD, but more ended up being raised. As the fundraiser comes to a close, Hinterland has raised almost $200,000 USD – $194,619 to be exact. They’ll be donating this amount in its entirety, including covering the 30% platform royalty that Steam would normally take.

This donation does more than just give some much-needed funding to the organizations on the front lines battling the pandemic. Hinterland’s fundraiser has helped raise awareness of the severity of the virus among the gaming community, and though it may feel at times like everyone is fully aware, there’s no such thing as too much awareness. Additionally, the donation will help with the spread of information, providing care, and supplying essentials for frontline workers.

“We launched the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund seeking support for the World Health Organization’s life-saving global response,” writes the President & CEO of the United Nations Foundation (UNF), Elizabeth Cousens. “We are thankful that donors big and small have answered that call. And, we are grateful to Hinterland for generously increasing their original donation to do even more good.”

Hinterland deserves all the respect they’re earning for their fundraiser. While other developers placed random DLCs on sale and donated a portion of the funds to relief efforts, Hinterland chose instead to give every last bit of revenue they earned from saving money for their customers to the relief efforts. Not only that, but they chose to double their original donation rather than pocket the rest that was left over.

So good on you, Hinterland, and thank you to everyone who helped with the fundraiser!