Have You Been Making The Most Of Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Turnip-Fueled Stalk Market?

Have You Been Making The Most Of Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Turnip-Fueled Stalk Market?
Credit: Nintendo UK via YouTube

It’s Sunday! That means that the Stalk Market is available in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you’ve been looking for a way to make a huge amount of bells, now is your chance!

If you haven’t partaken yet, the Stalk Market is, as the punny name may suggest to you, Animal Crossing’s version of the Stock Market. On Sunday mornings, you’ll be able to find Daisy Mae wandering around your island with a bowl of turnips strapped to her head.

Track her down and talk to her and she’ll tell you about her grandmother, Sow Joan, and her turnips. She sells them at a price that varies week to week for you to buy from her in batches of ten. Note that you do have to buy them in quantities of at least 10, as they’re not sold individually.

Once you buy them from her on Sundays, you’ll be able to sell them the rest of the week to Timmy and Tommy in the Nook & Cranny store. Their buying prices vary day by day, so keep an eye out for a good price before you sell them.

As prices vary, you have the ability to sell at a loss. Make sure to take note of how much you bought the turnips from Daisy Mae for so that you never accidentally sell them off at a lower price, losing money on the tumultuous Stalk Market.

Another important warning is that despite Daisy Mae’s repeated warnings that these turnips are not for eating, you can eat them – by the stack, as well. So a single misclick could end up having you accidentally eat thousands of bells. Make sure that you don’t accidentally eat them, or you’ll literally be putting your money where your mouth is and losing out on your investment in the process.

You can also sell turnips at other people’s islands. If you’ve been playing the game with friends, communicate with them to figure out who has a good turnip price that day and visit each other’s island. That way, you have more chances to find a good price instead of crossing your fingers every morning for the Nooks to feel generous.

Daisy Mae won’t spend too long on your island, though, so be ready to buy on Sunday mornings. She’ll hang out on your island until noon rolls around. Once she’s gone, she won’t be back until next week, so buy as many as you feel safe investing!