Hackers Discover PC Code Within Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Demo, Leading Many To Believe It Will Have A PC Release

Hackers Discover PC Code Within Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Demo, Leading Many To Believe It Will Have A PC Release
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the biggest and most anticipated exclusives for the PlayStation 4. However, it might not remain exclusive forever.

It has been the biggest news story in the gaming community for the last week. Not only was a playable demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake discovered on the PlayStation Network, but it was subsequently hacked and leaked online.

A slew of spoilers for the main story were revealed, along with a list of weapons and abilities, plus the game’s full soundtrack.

But as hackers combed through the massive amounts of data embedded within the demo’s files, they found something completely unexpected.

PC code.

There has been no PC port announced by Square Enix. As far as the company has led people to believe, this game is exclusive to the PlayStation 4. However, this code has led many to believe the Cloud, Tifa, and the rest of Avalanche could be coming to a PC near you in the future.

A Twitter user with the handle RoxyPS3 let it slip that many signs within the demo point to a PC release.

“There is PC Code still left inside,” the tweet from January 2 reads, “and it mentions various higher resolutions together with some NVIDIA and AMD stuff.”

The original Final Fantasy VII, first released on the original Sony PlayStation in 1997, eventually came out for the PC through Steam, so this would be in form with the initial release.

Square Enix has not confirmed this report. In fact, they have not even confirmed yet that the playable demo even exists. It remains unlikely that the developer will discuss these rumors publically.

As we briefly mentioned above, there were a ton of major spoilers for the game leaked out as a result of this hack. Some of them were likely major announcements and reveals that Square was planning to make sometime in the next two months as hype for the game’s release continues to build.

PlayStation reportedly has exclusivity rights over Final Fantasy VII Remake for one year, meaning the soonest we could possibly see this potential PC port would be March 3, 2021.

As for the playable demo, it is currently unknown when it will be dropping on the PlayStation Network. Many people in the gaming industry believe it could literally be any day. It is unknown if Square will announce a date for the demo’s release, or just drop it out of the blue to create hype.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will release on the PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.