Grinding Gear Releases Latest Path Of Exile: Synthesis Expansion

Grinding Gear Releases Latest Path Of Exile: Synthesis Expansion

Grinding Gear Releases Latest Path Of Exile: Synthesis Expansion

Grinding Gear Releases Latest Path Of Exile: Synthesis Expansion

The fate worse than death is finally being revealed in the latest Path of Exile expansion called Synthesis. Grinding Gear’s latest gear will give players the new Challenge League.

The new expansion of the popular free action-RPG is about the journey in Cavas’ lost and decaying memories. Players can build their dungeons using spirit Cavas’ memories. But they can do so only if they succeed in winning it against time and enemies.

Game critics see this as a different concept coming from the Path of Exile which tackles more generic themes. Battling monsters of a dark world while piecing together forgotten memories is an exciting theme.

To recover the lost memories, players should find them in the damned land of Wraeclast. The memories of Cavas are inhabited by monsters that are causing decay.

Players should activate its stabilizers to recover the lost memories; however, time is also an enemy in the game. Once the time is through, the memories will collapse.

When a player acquires enough number of “memory stabilizers,” they will be able to claim the memory fragment. These fragmented memories are crucial to assembling paths. To create paths, players should place the fragment on the Memory Nexus, where the Synthesizer can be found.

The paths are the way to reach other distant memories of Cavas. However, Synthesis players should strategically plan their moves as they try to make their way with hordes of enemies.

If a player successfully enters a fragment of a memory, it will immediately start to destabilize. The race against time will start as players pass through the level.

Recovering the lost memories will provide a glimpse to Cavas’ realm and grant access through portals. Each world that a player goes to has a portal.

Players can also expect to find Path of Exile’s spells has a total balance overhaul. The game also features new Chaos and Holy spells and numerous incentives that will enable them to hand-cast gems.

There are six new spells and 16 unique and powerful items that are never seen in previous expansions. Plus, over a dozen Divination Cards designed by the game’s supporters are featured in the game.

The Synthesis expansion also offers an integrated version of the biggest update last December, Betrayal. During its test, Path of Exile needed to release some patches following some errors experienced by players.

The game is now available on PC and will be available for Xbox One on March 11. PlayStation4 gamers have to wait by mid-March to get its version though.