Griffin Sword Files Police Report Against Ex-Coach CvMax Over Alleged Assault

Griffin Sword Files Police Report Against Ex-Coach CvMax Over Alleged Assault
Credit: League on Lock - LoL via Youtube

After Griffin qualified for the World Championship, they got rid off their head coach, who helped them qualify for Worlds.

This spontaneous decision raised many question marks, but in the following days, more details appeared, for a rundown of the initial story, visit our article here.

After GBM joined Griffin as head coach, many fans expected this to blow over and wait for the official investigations. One day after GBM was announced as the coach, Griffin Sword, the top laner who helped kick cvMax out of the team, filed in a police report against him.

cvMax has been caught up in the saga as the primary whistleblower, initially receiving an indefinite suspension from all Riot-sanctioned LoL events. Now, his charges from Riot have been cleared, but he could soon be facing a fierce legal battle with former player Sword.

According to a report from Korean site News1, Sword has filed a police report against cvMax over allegations of physical and verbal assault. Speaking to Sword’s father, it’s alleged cvMax hit Sword on the shoulder numerous times, and spoke down to him repeatedly.

cvMax allegedly also said that he would kill Sword over his play, as well as threatening to hurt the player’s family. Sword also said he and his family had undergone counseling for mental health issues stemming from the abuse.

Riot Korea is yet to comment on the situation. However, cvMax has fired back at Sword on stream. The coach stated that he never hurt any of his players out of malice or spite and that all players approved of his coaching style. The most notable case if him saying that Chovy was being treated the worst, yet the player decided to reject multiple offers to stay in Korea to play with cvMax. This situation with Chovy shows loyalty and respect for cvMax’s coaching abilities.

cvMax has taken up a job as the head coach of fellow LCK team DragonX for the upcoming season, with Doran and Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon following him from Griffin. If the reports from Sword were to be accurate, players would most likely abandon cvMax and follow their paths.

The entire situation with Griffin was even brought to the South Korean Parliament’s attention after gathering a 200,000 signature in a couple of days. Those players who signed complained that cvMax’s suspension is whistleblower retaliation by Riot Korea, who was found to have a conflict of interest with Griffin.

For now, there is no end to this fiasco, there are multiple pending investigations and the result is unknown. One thing is for sure, both cvMax’s and Sword’s careers are on the line.