Griffin, League Of Legends Professional Team Is Facing Controversy After Former Coach CvMax Comes Forward With Details

Griffin, League Of Legends Professional Team Is Facing Controversy After Former Coach CvMax Comes Forward With Details
Credit: League on Lock - LoL via Youtube

A few days before the beginning of the League of Legends 2019 World Championship, Griffin, Korea’s second seed for the League of Legends World Championship 2019 fired their head coach, Kim ‘cvMax’ Dae-ho. This was a shock to the entire community of League of Legends considering the fact that Griffin has dominated the LCK 2019 Spring & Summer season, being surpassed during playoffs only by another powerhouse of the Korean scene, SK Telekom T1, with star mid laner and considered best of all time, Faker.

Griffin went from the promotion tournament of the Challengers Korea to the top of LCK in a couple of months, they were seen as a new and rising talent who could compete with the established veterans of Korea by bringing fresh and innovative ideas.

Behind the team was coach Kim ‘cvMax’ Dae-ho for three LCK splits before being fired just before the World Championship 2019 after his team qualified as Korea’s second seed. The circumstances weren’t clear from the statement of Griffin, but during the following couple of days, the former coach came forward with details regarding management and internal conflicts.

‘After losing the LCK Spring Finals, there were a lot of conflicts with management’, he said. ‘One week before the LCK Summer Finals, there was a lack of teams willing to scrim the team and the manager was accusing me of this’, he added.

After the organization lost the third grand final in a row, the manager told the former coach was told that he would be fired, emphasizing the fact that Griffin needs to get rid of him in order to win the World Championship.

According to the lengthy stream of cvMax, there were some internal conflicts with the top laner of Griffin, Choi ‘Sword’ Sung-won. The oldest player on the team was replaced by the rookie Choi ‘Doran’ Hyeon-Joon for the end of the Summer 2019 LCK season but has returned to the main roster after cvMax left.

The top laner ‘Sword’ alongside bot laner Park ‘Viper’ Do-Hyeon came forward during an interview after winning a match and mentioned that cvMax is making false claims and asked him to stop if he likes the team.

Griffin looks shaky so far at the World Championship 2019, even though it’s their first international appearance, fans, casters, and players keep them in high regard after watching their domination during the regular season of LCK.

Tune in for their next matches at Riot Games YouTube channel to see how they do without their former coach, cvMax.