GogojOey Defeats Azure To Claim Crown In Cranky Duckling’s Grand Platypus Open #17

GogojOey Defeats Azure To Claim Crown In Cranky Duckling’s Grand Platypus Open #17
Credit: StarCraft via YouTube

Another week, another Grand Platypus Open. Cranky Ducklings’ weekly Grand Platypus Open tournament ends this week with redemption for last week’s runner up, GogojOey, and an all-too-familiar heartbreak for Azure.

This week’s tournament was surprisingly Terran-heavy, with half of the roster made up of Terran players. Compared to last week’s 16th tournament, where seven Zerg players made up more than half the roster, it was a bit of a change in meta in the best of ways.

Azure had a decent showing, taking on fellow-Terran main Spartacus in the quarterfinals and defeating them handily in a 2-0 sweep. While that earned him promotion to the Semifinals, GogojOey was there waiting to defeat him 2-0 and send him to the single-elimination lower bracket.

Once in the lower bracket, Azure took on Protoss players Pezz and JusticeSimon, defeating both of them 1-0 in the single-elimination format. Moving to the final against MeomaikA, who had also just lost out to GogojOey, Azure managed to take him on and eek out a 2-1 victory to earn his way back into the Grand Finals.

GogojOey wasn’t about to give Azure a proper redemption, though, and had practically charged through the tournament to reach the final. The Zerg main defeated Chouette, Azure, and MeomaikA in clean sweeps all the way through before defeating Azure in the final 3-1.

Azure was the only player who managed to take a map off of GogojOey with that one victory, which is an all-too-familiar feeling for the Terran player. The first fourteen Grand Platypus Opens were taken by Indian Zerg main Demi, who has taken a bit of a hiatus from play. At the time of his dominance, though, Azure was the only player who managed to take maps off of Demi. Despite this, Azure never managed to take the crown, and while he’s been trying to do so since Demi began his hiatus he doesn’t seem to have had much better luck.

Such is the case here, as Azure was the only player who managed to take a map from GogojOey. To be fair, though, it isn’t like that’s something Azure did wrong – GogojOey simply came into this tournament ready to take the crown after losing out last week. He managed to defeat MeomaikA handily after losing the crown to him last week, and once that was done there was nothing that was going to stand in his way.

Perhaps next week’s 18th Grand Platypus Open will be the week when Azure manages to take the crown for himself, or maybe MeomaikA will return to take the crown back? Either way, the tournaments will continue to be filled with fantastic strategy and nerve-wracking action.