Gladiux Teaser Trailer Showcases Gladiator Battles In Ancient Rome

Gladiux Teaser Trailer Showcases Gladiator Battles In Ancient Rome
Credit: Starcaster Games via YouTube

Gladiux is an upcoming combat game set in Ancient Rome. The title is from a new studio, Starcaster Games, which was founded this April.

Since the game is still in development, there’s been little information about the new game until now. Starcaster Games recently released a teaser trailer and the official logo.

The official YouTube description states: “Gladiux is a combat action game set in the age of Gladiators. Train to compete and survive unforgiving trials to earn your freedom.”

The story may sound familiar to those following gladiator-style stories. A young man with meager beginnings is trained to be a fighter. The fighter has to take a lot of hits before they can rise to the top. If they raise enough funds and power, the fighter may be able to buy their freedom.

The media so far shows that players can customize their character’s clothing. There doesn’t seem much to choose from at first, which is no surprise to fans of this genre. Some of the weapons showcased include swords and shields. Though weapons would be valuable in combat, players will have to rely on advancing their hand-to-hand fighting abilities.

From the trailer, it appears that fighters will have to win the praise of the crowd. Gladiator games were often used as sporting events during these times, so the setting makes sense.

The YouTube description also asks for feedback from viewers. For those who want to help craft a new gladiator game, this may be the perfect opportunity.

Gladiux originally began as a remake of Gladiator Begins on PSP from Acquire. The game summary from the PlayStation Store is also similar: “Gladiator Begins lets you create and customize your own gladiator (male or female) to battle it out in the colosseum to try and earn enough money to buy your freedom. Fight your way through your opponents by using a variety of weapons and armor to maim, kill, hurt, and knock them into submission. Choose among a variety of patrons that will back you and expand their individual stories, depending on who you’ve chosen.”

Starcaster Games is releasing the game worldwide. Acquire is publishing the game in Japan, but with the title Gladiator X.

Gladiux is scheduled to launch on PC and consoles sometime in 2020.