Gearbox Software Is Introducing New Updates To Borderlands 3 And Has Outlined Plans For The Future

Gearbox Software Is Introducing New Updates To Borderlands 3 And Has Outlined Plans For The Future
Credit: TwoDynami via YouTube

Borderlands 3 has been highly successful thus far. Gearbox Software continued with their successful recipe, while introducing new features and environments that have taken the series in a great direction. It hasn’t been long since the game launched in September, and already, it has received a lot of updates.

They’ve fixed a lot of the vault hunter mechanics and have taken away broken systems that introduce legendary weapons more often than they should appear. Gearbox Software is about to introduce new updates again in their latest patch, which goes live October 24. A lot of stability improvements are coming as well as bug fixes.

It seems like stability is a chief concern for the developers. They want to give players the best experiences possible in every regard, and these latest improvements are an indication of that. That’s one thing Gearbox Software does better than a lot of other developers. They know their fans are loyal and will go above and beyond to continually please them, even after their games release. So as time goes on, Borderlands games just get better and better.

Out of all these updates, one of the most noteworthy is the expansion of the bank. In a couple of weeks, Borderlands 3 players will be able to store more items inside their bank. That’s an important update because as with every Borderlands game, collecting a lot of weapons is pretty standard. There’s always something to collect, and you don’t always want to throw your old gear down when adding more. A bigger bank should save players from having to leave behind some of their favorite loot.

Not only that, but Gearbox is changing how some of the loot drops after epic boss battles. Now, more specific items will be available after beating a boss. This should give players even more opportunities to collect unique weapons that they’ll need the further they progress in this game.

Finally, there are updates coming to Mayhem Mode. More specifically, Mayhem 2.0 will be coming out here pretty soon. It’s including new rewards, levels, and also UI support.

All of these improvements should make Borderlands 3 that much better, which is crazy to even contemplate. The game has received a lot of positive praise for its level design, character builds, and addicting gameplay. It seems like the sky is the limit for this game. If you’ve held out on purchasing it, now may be the perfect time to jump in and experience what everyone is raving about.