FunPlus Phoenix Secure 3-1 win Against EDward Gaming In LPL’s Spring Playoffs

FunPlus Phoenix Secure 3-1 win Against EDward Gaming In LPL’s Spring Playoffs
Credit: Riot Games via Youtube

FunPlus Phoenix has been on fire since the second week of China’s LPL. Today’s playoff win was expected from the defending League of Legends world champions after their regular split dominance. FPX did not disappoint and delivered a clean 3-1 win against the EDward Gaming roster to advance to the LPL Spring Split’s semifinals.

FPX’s clear decision-making skills allowed them to secure objectives without losing members to EDG. Unfortunately for fans of the Chinese team, Doinb did not bring out crazy picks today, defaulting to his comfort picks against Lee “Scout” Ye-Chan, who is a fearsome mid laner in China’s LPL. The former world champions are back in form for best-of-fives and are looking to secure yet another win.

FPX top laner Kim “GimGoon” Han-saem brought the surprise Poppy pick in the last game as a counter to EDG’s Aatrox. While LPL fans may be eager to see Kim “Khan” Dong-ha back on stage, GimGoon has been reliable so it’s unclear when will he be subbed out in favor of Khan.

EDG did their best today to withstand against FPX’s pressure with Scout trying out a heroic play, but he failed in the end. Even though Kassadin is a powerful and contested pick in most regions, FPX had the perfect answer with Doinb’s Ryze.

FPX are undefeated in this split with GimGoon. The team’s game plans work much better with GimGoon on the Rift since he holds his lane every time regardless of matchup. This works well with FPX’s plan of giving Doinb a carry champion who can influence the side lanes.

The remaining teams in LPL’s Spring Split playoffs include two former world champions and two rising stars. Only one team will reach the finals between Invictus Gaming and TOP Esports on one side of the bracket and one team from the bracket between FPX and JD Gaming.

FPX will be facing JD Gaming next week on Tuesday, April 27 at 4am CT. Tune in on the LPL’s official broadcast channel to see who will emerge victorious in this semifinals match.

Both teams look really strong with FunPlus Phoenix having some advantage from winning the World Championship 2019 3-0 against G2 Esports. While FunPlus Phoenix is favored to win, JDG is looking really good as well after their offseason upgrades of jungle and ADC. Both teams are looking hungry for a LPL Championship win, but the top 4 teams are so good that it’s hard to predict who will win it all.