Fortnite Players Are Dealing With Random Blizzards Appearing Throughout The Map

Fortnite Players Are Dealing With Random Blizzards Appearing Throughout The Map
Credit: HeyitsBenjay via YouTube

Fortnite gamers are no strangers to seemingly random events happening on the Battle Royale map. And lately, players have been getting hit with blizzards.

Here is a screenshot of a blizzard that rolled up on Jksmith0914 during a Battle Royale match:

Fortnite blizzard at 4am from FortNiteBR

Throughout the Fortnite Reddit page, players have been posting screenshots of a blizzard interrupting their game in one way or another.

The biggest obstacle the blizzard presents players with is the lack of visibility it brings. At one moment, a gamer can have a player in their crosshairs, and in an instant, the blizzard can appear. Once the winter storm hits, the gamer’s ability to see is decreased dramatically.

It is exciting, nonetheless, that a new in-game event has started. It is also unknown how long blizzards will continue to litter the map.

So, why have blizzards been added to Fortnite? Who knows? Fortnite developer Epic Games genuinely enjoys throwing in unexplained elements into the game and then revealing weeks later why they are there.

The best example would be the giant frozen meteor in the sky above Factory during Season 10 of Chapter 1. It remained above the map for a while, with no clear answers from Epic Games. Then, famously, it came crashing down onto the map in the final event of Chapter 1 called “The End.”

This left players to stare at a black hole for a couple of days until Epic Games ushered in Season 2.

If gamers missed that event, here is a video of “The End:”

Usually, there are hints that something new is going to happen in the game. One Reddit user named OutcastMunkee said that they remembered seeing a storm on a monitor during the Chaos Rising loading screen. This could have been a sign that a storm was brewing for Fortnite players.

Whatever the warnings were, the blizzards are here now, and the Fortnite community is mobilizing, trying to find answers to this frozen question.

Epic Games has done an excellent job throughout the years keeping Fortnite content fresh and their gamers engaged. Whether it is the constant new microtransactions that come out or in-game events like this one, there is always something new for Fortnite players to enjoy.

It’s no wonder that Fortnite has been many critics’ game of the year for consecutive years in a row. Fortnite keeps evolving, understanding that for ultimate success, they need to keep players excited to be playing day-in and day-out.