First Glimpse Of Footage From 2k’s Upcoming WWE 2k20 Shows That Its Graphics Are A Serious Downgrade On Last Year’s Title

First Glimpse Of Footage From 2k’s Upcoming WWE 2k20 Shows That Its Graphics Are A Serious Downgrade On Last Year’s Title
Credit: 2k via YouTube

Gamers should never quite know to expect from 2k’s WWE games – they are and always have been quite strange. However, this particular entry into the canon hasn’t been well received by critics or fans. Its graphics are outdated (even for a WWE game) and so far the glimpses of story-mode look as ridiculous as ever.

In a side-by-side of footage from WWE 2019 and WWE2k20, the sheer downgrade in graphics for the newest title is made evident. The hair physics look like a PS2 Lara Croft game, the facial animation is very poor, and the first glimpses of the fighting animations aren’t exactly groundbreaking.

Fans of these rehashed titles each year are probably used to these sorts of comments by now. Keen-eyed redditors recently found a piece of signage from the new Madden game that had been ripped directly from last year’s game, and the hyped-up FIFA 20 has many of the grim crowd animations and game-breaking player bugs as it does every year.

WWE 2k20 is, unfortunately, another example of how 2k studios have been on a backward trend in recent years. For anyone keeping an eye on the NBA series, you’ll know that the newest title (NBA 2k20) was a bug-ridden mess. The game received an incredible 2/10 rating on Steam.

It’s true that the newest WWE game was not developed by Yuke’s who have been the lead developers on the series since way back in the golden era of Smackdown vs Raw. This recent title was handled by Visual Concepts, the same studio behind the recently terrible NBA2k19. If this is their attempt to rejuvenate the series their efforts seem misplaced so far.

While other game websites have claimed the new features (those ‘streamlined’ controls, which, you can guess, include mashing buttons an awful lot) and storyline add a lot to the new game. First glimpses at the reviews of the storyline mode have caused a mixed reaction in the community.

If you can look past character’s hair zipping wildly out of control around their heads as they talk, and zone out the quite terrible voice acting, then, as a wrestling fan, you may find something enjoyable in the new WWE game. It’s not clear yet whether any of these initial bugs with the story mode and graphics will be ironed out, although the 2k twitter did state they are currently ironing out some problems.