Final Fantasy VII Remake’s ESRB Rating Worries Some Fans Expecting To See An Iconic Scene Brought To Life In The New Game

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s ESRB Rating Worries Some Fans Expecting To See An Iconic Scene Brought To Life In The New Game
Credit: The Night Sky Prince Via YouTube

Final Fantasy VII Remake is almost here, and that means we’re getting more news about the release on an almost daily basis.

With the game being so close, the ESRB ratings have come out, and they reveal a lot about what we will be seeing and not seeing throughout the game.

The game is rated T for Teen and comes with a warning of language, suggestive themes, use of alcohol/tobacco, and violence.

One thing not mentioned in that description is blood. This has made some fans of the original release nervous, especially when it pertains to an iconic scene that many were hoping to see included in this remake.

In the original Final Fantasy VII, there was a scene in which the Shinra Headquarters is attacked. Players then followed a massive blood trail that led throughout the upper levels of the towering skyscraper, leading to one of the game’s more shocking moments.

The lack of blood in the rating has led many to surmise that this iconic scene will not be presented in the remake as originally depicted. This was one of the only depictions of blood in the original game, yet that 1997 release had an ESRB rating that noted blood, fantasy violence, language, and mild suggestive themes.

The game’s official ESRB page also goes into some more detail on the ratings.

Some minor spoilers may follow.

“Cutscenes also depict instances of violence: characters impaled by swords (off-camera); a man shot repeatedly while on a stairwell. Some female characters wear revealing outfits (e.g., deep cleavage); one scene depicts a man ogling women’s bodies while making suggestive hand gestures and hip movements.”

That last part should sound familiar to longtime fans of the series as the actions of the lecherous Don Corneo. It seems, based on this description, that he will not be toned down at all for the remake.

While it seems that the gore of the Shinra blood trail might not occur within the game, there are no signs that this new foray into the world of Final Fantasy VII will be toning down the original’s adult content. With Don Corneo and Wall Market remaining a part of the story, it’s likely that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be pushing that T rating as far as it can go.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on the PlayStation 4 console on March 3, 2020. It is a complete remake of the original Final Fantasy VII, which was first released for the original PlayStation console in 1997.