Final Fantasy 7 Remake Releases In A Few Short Hours, But It’ll Take Far Longer To Complete It

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Releases In A Few Short Hours, But It’ll Take Far Longer To Complete It
Credit: Square Enix via YouTube

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going live in just a few short hours; less than eight hours if you’re on EST. By now, you should already have the gargantuan download completed and installed on your PlayStation 4; coming in at slightly over 100GB, the download takes a solid amount of time as the PlayStation network is bombarded with requests right now as everyone is stuck at their homes, and a vast quantity of those users are likely chomping at the metaphorical bit to get back into the world with Cloud Strife, Mako Reactors, and the inevitable Shinra Corporation.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is just a segment of the classic hit of Final Fantasy 7, however; the remade title begins where the classic title did, but it ends shortly before the team leaves Midgar to pursue the greater unknown in the world. Now fans of the original may be just slightly stumped by that if they haven’t been paying close attention; the Midgar-centric beginning lasts roughly four hours at most in the classic title.

You can expect Final Fantasy 7 Remake to last far longer than that, however, even if this is just a relatively short piece that we’re getting of the overall saga of Cloud.

You can expect Final Fantasy 7 Remake to last you for at least 40 hours, although the developers have stated that the amount of content available in the remake is comparable to other Final Fantasy stand-alone titles, such as Final Fantasy IX or XV.

Further, that’s if you’re rushing through to see the story. The actual play time necessary to defeat the title in its entirety simply isn’t known yet; the developers have been rather tight-lipped regarding how many chapters players can expect (ten at a minimum has been confirmed by play-testers) outside of comparisons with other Final Fantasy titles.

You can expect a myriad of activities to be readily available to you and your party as you wander around the sectors of Midgar, and with the new combat bringing a pretty delicious new take on the classic turn-based combat that seems a bit outdated, echoing the combat of FF XV although a bit more tightly tuned.

Eventually, this title will be beaten, however, and then the question remains as to what is the future of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Whether everyone will need to wait five more years to play the next chapter of the engrossing story, or if we can expect it before the close of 2020, there simply is very little news forthcoming as Square-Enix focuses on their upcoming big release.