Fallout 76’s Season Pass System Will Be Free To All Users, According To Bethesda

Fallout 76’s Season Pass System Will Be Free To All Users, According To Bethesda
Credit: Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

Fallout 76 has seen quite a big turnaround ever since the Wastelanders update went live last month. Featuring new factions and NPCs, Fallout 76 now plays a lot like previous installments that fans have come to love and appreciate.

Bethesda started off a little rocky, but now it seems they have this polarizing RPG on the right path. And it doesn’t seem like they want to let this new-found momentum die down.

They recently unveiled plans to roll out a season pass system, which got many Fallout fans wondering what’s in store. Will this system cost money and just exactly how will it work?

Fortunately, fans don’t have to wait in suspense as Bethesda took the liberty to explain it in greater detail. First, let’s get into its potential costs. The developer is currently reporting that the system will be absolutely free to all users. That’s great news for those that were worried about how Bethesda worded the summer season kicking this entire system off.

The three seasons will span over the summer, fall, and winter. Each one will include new rewards, ranks, and progression systems. That should give Fallout 76 players all the content they can handle after enjoying everything that the Wastelanders update brought with it.

This latest news shows that Bethesda is committed to satisfying their die-hard fans. They want to do their best to give players optimal experiences, and it’s nice that they don’t have to break the bank to enjoy new features and content.

Bethesda did say that they have plans of introducing additional updates to Fallout 1st, the premium membership that allows subscribers premium experiences. For now, though, it seems like the free battle pass system is the developer’s primary focus.

They want to ensure the summer season goes off without any major hiccups, and hopefully, it’s enough to keep the momentum going into the fall and winter seasons.

If you haven’t had the chance to play Fallout 76 yet as the mixed reviews may have scared you off, now’s probably a good time to jump in. The game is completely different than what it looked like at launch.

Even though it has taken Bethesda some time to make the necessary improvements, their recent actions are reassuring and should give you added confidence if you’re still on the fence about seeing what Fallout 76 can offer. From the NPCs to the additional content in the season pass, this game is just getting better with time.