Everything Was Going Well For Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Until They Announced An Insane Exclusivity Deal For The PS4

Everything Was Going Well For Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Until They Announced An Insane Exclusivity Deal For The PS4
Credit: Activision via YpuTube

“This is going to be the best Call of Duty in years!” cried the fans of the franchise. The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare had a lot going for it, with many YouTubers, streamers and even critics claiming that Infinity Ward had really stepped up for their latest title.

It was to be the game that rivalled Battlefield’s crazy 64-player matches, revitalize a series plagued by microtransaction woes, and become a competitive eSports title.

That is until it was announced that Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Spec Ops Survival Mode (a mode inside Spec Ops) will be exclusive to Sony’s PS4 for one entire year. To put that into perspective, previous exclusivity deals signed with Sony have been to get an early release on multiplayer map packs. This usually lasted for a month.

This time, however, PC and Xbox players will not be able to play the game’s nostalgic and anticipated Spec Ops mode until October 2020, almost a year after the game releases and right around the time the next Call of Duty arrives on the scene. By the time you get to play Spec Ops Survival Mode on Xbox or PC, a beta for the new Call of Duty will be playable.

Spec Ops Survival Mode is a mode inside of Spec Ops. Xbox and PC players will still get to enjoy Spec Ops as it stands, a feature that has been missing since the early Modern Warfare games, but will not be able to play Survival Mode. This looks to be a kind of Horde mode – may be to replace the missing Zombie mode?

Although no one is yet to try the Horde mode and to see whether it’s any good or not, this exclusivity deal is a drastic step-up in the war of console exclusives which has continued to rage over the last couple of years. It leaves a sour and worrying taste in the mouths of fans of Call of Duty – especially when they consider what this might mean for cosmetics, maps and other add-on content over the life-cycle of the game.

As expected, Reddit and Twitter exploded over the news, with many claiming they’ve cancelled their pre-order, not because they really wanted to play the Survival Mode, but because it feels like an insult to have content announced as exclusive so close to the game’s release.