Epic Games Store Will Move Away From Releasing Exclusive Game Titles

Epic Games Store Will Move Away From Releasing Exclusive Game Titles

Epic Games Store Will Move Away From Releasing Exclusive Game Titles

Epic Games Store Will Move Away From Releasing Exclusive Game Titles

Epic has been on a roll lately. Only this week, it’s Epic Games Store rolled out another slew of exclusives. These included Remedy’s Control, The Outer Worlds and Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain.

But as expected, the No Steam, No Buy crowd was out there again to dampen the party and stir controversy.

The software company is trying to pull out all the stops to avoid these kinds of scenarios. It is learning from its experience with the exclusive release of Metro: Exodus and The Division 2.

There is hope that such situations and the resulting backlash can be avoided. And the recommended solution: put an end to exclusives.

Epic Games Store head Steve Allison was recently asked if their decision to roll out exclusives was a long-term policy.

Allison responded by saying the company had no plans of adopting this approach for a long period. He, however, is optimistic the Epic Games Store and industry players will be able to match revenues, PC World reported.

Allison, however, said there is still a possibility the company will still be releasing a couple of exclusives a year. He explained this would be necessary for the light of Epic’s collaboration with Ubisoft.

But he affirmed that the mass roll-out of exclusives would only be a short-term policy. The main goal is to bring people to the Epic Games Store and put pressure on Steam.

Epic’s Joe Kreiner confirmed that Epic would be definitely steering clear of Metro: Exodus type of situations. The problem arose when Exodus was announced as a pre-order on Steam but was eventually pulled out by Epic. Allison said the company would make sure this problem won’t happen again.

In the meantime, Epic revealed that it would be implementing major enhancements to the Epic Games Store. In fact, it has created a road map that contains new features that would be integrated into the game.

Aside from a re-design of the store’s design, Cloud saves would also be available within the next three months.

Epic has been rocking the video game industry since the release of its massively popular online game Fortnite in 2017. As profits continue to pour in, the company is using its fresh funds to develop its Epic Games Store.

With Epic’s generous 88-12 revenue sharing scheme, developers are finding it hard to resist its offer, according to The Verge.

To further boost its standing in the industry, Epic is giving out lots of cash to developers for exclusive game releases.

This has created a lot of tension between the company and its leading competitor the Steam Store which is run by Valve. But the Epic Games Store seems to be winning the battle. It now boasts of 85 users largely due to its massive Fornite player base.