Elevated Gas Costs And Record-Breaking Temperatures Can’t Be Avoided, Not Even In Grand Theft Auto Online

Elevated Gas Costs And Record-Breaking Temperatures Can’t Be Avoided, Not Even In Grand Theft Auto Online
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Operation Evidence Seizure, a new game mode for GTA Online, will allow players to look into the reason for the spike in gas prices and the role that oil millionaires have played in it.

Additionally, new vehicles will enter the game, and all jobs associated with criminal careers, including sales tasks, will be made accessible only during private sessions.

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Since digital gangsters are all obscenely wealthy, they never need to fill up their cars with gas, and the only time they experience heat exhaustion is when someone tosses a molotov cocktail in their face, this realistic nightmare doesn’t affect them in the same way that it does us poor dopes in the real world.

But in The Criminal, new tasks and empire-building opportunities are focused on the ecological problem and exorbitant petroleum prices.

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According to Rockstar, the most famous oil-rich dynasty in the Los Santos region is reaping the benefits of the rising gas prices in one place: their pockets.

“The IAA detects a massive fraud ULP will be in contact with the new Operation Paper Trail, commissioning 1-4 players as taken oath agents to look into the local petrochemical magnates, the Duggans, to determine whether they are the driving force behind skyrocketing price of oil.”

And the economic and ecological crises mean the same thing for all criminals, whether they are white-collar thieves, motorcycle thugs, arms dealers, or shady nightclub owners: profit. Business opportunities include new side employment, unique freight missions, clubhouse agreements, resupply, and administration tasks for executives, bikers, gunrunners, and nightclub owners.

And rewards will increase overall, which sounds like a great encouragement for gamers to consider the smaller assignments worthwhile rather than just repeatedly grinding the highest paying task.

On July 26th, the update will be made available. Players have observed that Rockstar depicted not just Los Santos but also the scenario in the actual world at the start of the primary mission in Criminal Organizations.