Edmund Mcmillen’s Legend Of Bum-Bo Drops Tuesday, Game Offers Over 100 Customizable And Upgradable Items

Edmund Mcmillen’s Legend Of Bum-Bo Drops Tuesday, Game Offers Over 100 Customizable And Upgradable Items
Credit: Edmund McMillen via YouTube

Edmund McMillen’s Legend of Bum-bo will finally drop on Tuesday this week. And fans have a lot to look forward to with over 100 customizable and upgradable items.

The puzzle-type role-playing game (RPG) is a spin-off and prequel of The Binding of Isaac. This is the 2011 roguelike video game that McMillen also developed and produced for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux.

McMillen initially gave gamers a glimpse of the new title in March 2016 by sharing a logo. This was followed by an image that he shared on Twitter. In the said post, he provided an idea of how the boss may look like. Based on the shared photo, one of the presumed bosses would be a humungous monster.

Since Legend of Bum-bo is just around the corner, fans are already closer to experiencing the game. Among the things to look forward to are the available items, which players can customize, apart from upgrading them.

Adding to the more than 100 new items are the trinkets. These features, which may total to at least 80, allow players to gather passive bonuses.

The game is expected to be both interesting and challenging. As such, gamers have to pass through 10 bosses. They are likewise required to beat 30 opponents.

The Legend of Bum-bo journey may not be easy for fans. Thus, they have to choose their character carefully. They have to consider the capabilities and how to unleash their power. They can choose from the four playable characters according to their requirements.

Here is a teaser of the game, which was posted around two months ago on YouTube.

Players can see here how the game’s first chapter, the Sewers of Dross, would be like. In the said clip, Bum-bo is seen fighting a boss that he was able to kill eventually. His moves are highlighted to show fans the vital steps in defeating their enemies.

Fans had opposing opinions of what they saw. Some were happy and ecstatic, while others were vocal about their disappointment.

An excited fan commended the developer and publisher for the “insane” visuals of Legend of Bum-bo. Derek also pointed out that the game style is unique, which has pushed him further to try it. Another user agreed with him, who said that the puzzle game had awakened his interest.

Amid the excitement of many, one gamer questioned its game style. Accordingly, he still needs to get a feel of it before he could say if it is indeed a good game.

The Legend of Bum-bo can be downloaded from Steam starting on November 12.