Echo Fox, Former LCS Team Dissolves And Parts Ways With Entire Staff And Players

Echo Fox, Former LCS Team Dissolves And Parts Ways With Entire Staff And Players
Credit: Echo Fox via YouTube

After a turbulent year for Echo Fox, their investors have confirmed that the team was dissolved entirely a couple of days ago. Additionally, the organization let go of all players and staff.

An investor recently said: ‘There is no Echo Fox anymore, all the players were let go, the staff was terminated, the logo and uniform is a collector’s item.’

The organization Echo Fox was a staple in the esports community since 2015; it fielded multiple players across different fighting game titles and a team in the North American League of Legends series.

Earlier this year, the organization was caught in conflict after one of the investors, Amit Raizada, made some racist remarks. Echo Fox founder, Rick Fox, would also announce departure later on from the company due to this.

Riot Games intervened and gave Echo Fox an ultimatum: remove the investor who made the racist remarks or have the spot removed from the North American League of Legends series. Echo Fox has failed to remove the inventor and lost their LCS spot. They were forced to sell it to Evil Geniuses, another staple in the e-sports community who had League of Legends teams during the inception of League of Legends esports.

Even though some players were very successful in their corresponding games, Echo Fox could no longer pay them up or afford them, so they were let go as well. No official announcement was made yet, but Twitter is inactive, their website no longer exists, and the confirmation from the investor clears it up, Echo Fox is dissolved.

Riot Games has been upholding their ethical values and making sure that the teams participating in the League of Legends series are upholding them as well. This situation, which arose during this year, is not the first one to test the Riot Games response.

A couple of years ago, Svenskeren(current jungler of Cloud 9 in the LCS) made racist remarks while playing solo que on the Asian servers to prepare for the World Championship. As a result, Riot Games suspended him for a couple of games, which were crucial during the group stages.

Riot Games has clear, established rules which everyone must follow, be it players, coaches, investors, developers, owners, it does not matter; they are swift in their action to make sure that the issue is resolved and the community is satisfied with their response.

The future of Echo Fox and Rick Fox is currently unknown, perhaps they might appear in the future, but for now, the era of Echo Fox is behind.