During The Destiny 2: Lightfall Showcase, Bungie Makes The Divisive Choice To Discontinue Moving Further With The Game

During The Destiny 2: Lightfall Showcase, Bungie Makes The Divisive Choice To Discontinue Moving Further With The Game

Bungie‘s developers were compelled to make some controversial choices as the plot of Destiny 2 developed. As a result of the increasing quantity of places, armor, and weapons that each expansion and Season of content added to the game, the concept of sunsetting was created in Destiny 2 so that the development teams could essentially remove and rewrite assets.

Since Bungie started the tradition with the Forsaken expansion, locations such as Mars and Mercury, as well as activities such as Weapon Forges, Strikes, and even Raids, have been retired to make room in the Destiny 2 game engine for new areas with each new Season.

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In addition, when additional content was published and started filling the Guardians’ vaults, all weapons and gear from a particular season or expansion emblems were Light-level capped and rendered unusable. Later, the sunsetting of weapons and armor was discontinued, although the practice of sunsetting expansion content persisted. Bungie stated that expansion sunsetting would end with the launch of the newest addition, Destiny 2: Lightfall.

The upgrading of the game engine has been a focus of the Bungie team’s work, according to Justin Truman, the general manager of Bungie, who announced during the Destiny 2: Lightfall reveal.

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As a result, they can confidently state that there won’t be any further expansions in Destiny 2 that will expire. Although there hasn’t been any official announcement on the future of the already-shuttered increases, it is believed that the material won’t.

Older expansion content will still be playable “years to come” thanks to these engine upgrades. As a result, the game won’t be scrapping the Shadowfall and the Dreaming City. Given how essential it has been to the narrative and developing Destiny universe, losing The Dreaming City would have been complicated.

Numerous choices made in recent years have been made to make Destiny 2 more approachable for new and returning players. However, the introduction of sunsetting and the loss of Forsaken content drew much criticism. Thus Bungie has tried to find a fix so that no subsequent expansions will be lost to attrition.