Destiny 2: Weekly Reset 4/14/20 Tree of Probabilities Ordeal Nightfall and Strong Curse

Destiny 2: Weekly Reset 4/14/20 Tree of Probabilities Ordeal Nightfall and Strong Curse
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

Besides the edition of actual new content, there is nothing that Destiny 2 players look forward to more than the weekly reset on Tuesday. For those unfamiliar, every week the game offers a rotating selection of events and activities, and you can only earn a limited amount of powerful gear before the next week rolls around.

For the Nightfall – The Ordeal activity, the strike currently available is the Tree of Probabilities. This Nightfall offers the exclusive drop of the D.F.A handcannon. Otherwise, you can expect to get tier 1 Powerful Gear for completion, and you are able to earn pinnacle gear by achieving a score of 100,000 or greater. The higher difficulty you complete, the higher your score and chance for exotic drops.

Legacy Nigthfalls are also still available, with a selection of three to choose from. You can expect to play through the Pyramidium, The Warden of Nothing, or Savathûn’s Song. While the Nightfall – The Ordeal activity is useful for pinnacle game content, the legacy strikes are still worth doing if you need any of the three strike’s exclusive weapons.

As for overworld activities, the flashpoint is currently located in the EDZ. The Moon offers Nightmare of Xortal, Sworn of Crota as the Wandering Nightmare, and can be located in Sorrow’s Harbor. You can also complete the three Nightmare Hunts: Isolation, Rage, and Servitude. Additionally, if you need to track down the Trove Guardian, he is wandering around the Hellmouth.

For those PvP fans out there, Clash and Countdown are both currently available. More importantly, however, Lord Saladin is back in town. He offers the Iron Banner playlist, where you can earn unique armor and weapons. Keep in mind, however, that light level counts in Iron Banner, unlike the other game modes, so be sure to bring your most powerful gear.

The Menagerie activity also offers a powerful gear reward, which can be extra useful if you use Runes in your Chalice of Opulence to limit your loot pool. The boss for this cycle is Hasapiko, Vex Minotaur. The heroic version of the Menagerie comes with four different modifiers currently which are: Extinguish, Iron, Blackout, and Void Singe.

As for the Dreaming City, Petra has a strong curse on her hands this week. You can find Petra at her location in Rheasilvia, and speak to her for various quests and activities. Additionally, you can undertake the weekly mission called the Dark Monastery. The Ascendant challenge is Ouroborea located in Aphelion’s Rest. You can also fight Taken at the Blind Well, before finally facing off against the Plague: Inomina.

Last but not least, a couple of boss fights are left to wrap up. The Reckoning Boss is The Swords, with a burn: solar singe modifier. As for Escalation Protocol, Kathok, Roar of Xol can be found and upon defeating him, you have the chance to earn the IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.1 exclusive weapon reward.

That wraps up the current rotations for Destiny 2 during the week of 4/14/2020. Be sure to complete all activities you can for the best rewards before Tuesday rolls around again. Also, be sure to tune in on Friday of this week to see what the exotic vendor Xur has to offer.