Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Launch Offers Up Free ‘Powerful Engram’ Loot For Rewards Program Members

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Launch Offers Up Free ‘Powerful Engram’ Loot For Rewards Program Members
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

On Tuesday, the latest installment of Destiny 2 launched. The new expansion Shadowkeep will challenge players as they have never been challenged before. Since its release, players have been trying their best to grind their characters up to peak performance and get raid-ready.

Bungie, the development team behind Destiny, is offering up some high-quality loot to help you do that. Aren’t they sweet? The loot on offer is a powerful engram, which is an item that gives each player the chance to obtain exotic scaled loot. But to get your hands on the powerful engram, you will need to provide an email and sign up for the Bungie Rewards Program, which is entirely free. The engram will then be sent to your player via postmaster.

For players who are already signed up for the Bungie Reward Program, simply head to the Bungie website and opt-in to receiving special rewards to get your item. That’s it. All you need to do then is keep your eye on the mail.

But new players won’t have it so easy, unfortunately. Before getting the chance to get the powerful engram, new players must advance their game past the new introduction from New Light. Then the powerful engram can be picked up from the postmaster who stays in the Tower.

Several Destiny 2 strategists, however, are advising that new players hold off on using the powerful engram til later in the game. If your goal is to maximize your performance within Shadowkeep, the engram will be more practical in the late game rather than at the beginning.

Bungie has installed an item soft-cap for players whose characters have 900 power. So the powerful engram is best used after your character passes 900 power. This means once your character has passed 900, they will have a harder and harder time finding loot that scales to their level. A powerful engram can certainly help fix that problem.

All of that power will be necessary to fight through the final chapter of Shadowkeep, the Garden of Salvation. The raid will take place in Destiny 1‘s Black Garden and is going to be massive. Even the best players will find their skills and abilities pushed to the extreme. So push your character as far as possible.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep has been out for less than a week now. Although the game initially had some hiccups after Bungie’s servers went down on Tuesday, things are back up and running smoothly. Go grab a powerful engram and get raid-ready.