Death Knights Rejoice! Blizzard Is Allowing Frost Death Knights To Wield Two-Handed Weapons Again In World Of Warcraft’s Shadowlands

Death Knights Rejoice! Blizzard Is Allowing Frost Death Knights To Wield Two-Handed Weapons Again In World Of Warcraft’s Shadowlands
Credit: PicturePlane via YouTube

The Shadowlands are going to be pretty packed soon as the heroes of Azeroth swarm into the alternate realm of death and afterlife. World of Warcraft’s next expansion, their eighth, is going to be bringing back some high-demand features.

Some of these features are old spells that are returning in function in the form of the Covenant abilities. But some of these features, instead, are taking the form of some features that classes have been missing.

If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a good amount of time (especially if you were active during the second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King) then you likely remember the days of Frost Death Knights at full power. These frozen juggernauts would move forward with a giant sword clutched in both frosty dead hands, negating damage and dealing it out with ridiculously high crits.

Eventually, this would come to an end. While Frost was originally the tanking spec for Death Knights, Blizzard eventually took that away, making it Blood instead. As time went on, the Frost spec would gradually be chipped away, and is now regarded as the weakest Death Knight spec – and one of the weakest overall in the game.

But strength isn’t the main decision in why you pick a spec. Many originally picked Death Knight’s Frost spec for the class fantasy that comes along with it and the feeling of power as a frozen unstoppable force marching forth, slowing everyone that was trying to get away.

Blizzard, unfortunately, would completely take this away with Legion, as the Frost artifact weapon was the shards of Arthas’s Frostmourne forged into two short swords. This forced Frost Death Knights to dual wield, and this has continued into Battle for Azeroth, with most Frost abilities requiring two one-handed weapons.

Thankfully, though, it seems like Blizzard has decided to go back on that decision! In Shadowlands, Frost Death Knights will be able to wield their weaponry of choice once again!

The same goes for Brewmaster Monks, which will once again be able to choose between dual-wielding one-handed weaponry or wielding a single two-handed weapon.

“While it created a more specific theme for the class,” Wowhead writes in their announcement on the development, “many players were upset that their idea of the class fantasy had been diluted, and returning those options has been an ongoing request since that time.”

It’s fantastic to know that players will be able to make their choice in this matter instead of Blizzard forcing players down a route of the developer’s choice. Once Shadowlands arrives, we’ll be marching forward in whatever way we see fit!