Deadliest Catch: The Game Has Left Steam Early Access And Is Preparing For Its Console Release Later In The Year

Deadliest Catch: The Game Has Left Steam Early Access And Is Preparing For Its Console Release Later In The Year
Credit: Ultimate Games S.A.

Fishing simulators are very popular, but this one takes players into the Bering Sea. Catch king crabs as you manage a special fishing boar in Deadliest Catch: The Game. This 3D simulator presents a realistic experience and was made in cooperation with the Discovery Channel and Discovery Game Studios.

Ultimate Games S.A. has had their game in Steam Early Access for a while, but now the game is seeing a full launch for PC with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch scheduled for sometime in 2020 or early 2021 at the latest.

Welcome to the world of king crab fishing in the deadly Bering Sea. Take command of a fishing vessel and use realistic equipment to become the world’s best crab catcher. Deadliest Catch: The Game is developed by Moonlit S.A. and so far has been met with mixed reviews.

Learn the secrets behind king crab catches as you brave the ocean. Although you may be blessed with calm seas, the Bering sea is known for its aggressive storms, which will threaten the health of your ship and your crabs. Compete in dangerous sea rallies to catch more crabs than anyone else.

Keep in mind that you’re not only battling against time, but there are also crab migrations, fishing quotas, and the unforgiving seas. Take control of your fate and brace the Alaskan waters.

You are not alone, as your ship is well equipped for this job. Your vessel is no different than those used in real life that leave seeking fortune on the sea. Control your vessel through both calm seas and storms as the game holds nothing back. Overcome all adversity and return home with more crabs then you can count.

On your vessel is a crane, winch, launcher, and coiling system that is used in fishing for king crabs. The game will teach you how to use each device, but you will have to manage the whole ship alone. You are both captain and fisherman, and with everything being seen in first-person, you will have a front-row seat to all the action.

You can find Deadliest Catch: The Game on Steam for $14.99. There is an expected PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch release coming later in the year, but till then, this game can only be found on Steam. If you are ready for a challenging fishing experience, then you should check ou this game’s Steam page. There are tons of amazing screenshots and trailers available for interested fans to explore.