Cranky Duckling’s StarCraft II Tournament Battle Of The Americas #4 Is Now Live!

Cranky Duckling’s StarCraft II Tournament Battle Of The Americas #4 Is Now Live!
Credit: CranKy_Ducklings via Twitch

The StarCraft esports scene is alive and well, from the original title to the modern scene of StarCraft II. Blizzard recently began the sixth season for StarCraft: Remastered, but the tournaments for StarCraft II continue to thrive as well.

With StarCraft II’s esports scene being restructured throughout 2020, it’s been a perfect time for more “indie” tournaments to fill in the gaps. Cranky Duckling’s tournaments seem to lead the charge, with AusCraft, Grand Platypus Opens, and Battle of the Americas taking center stage quite often nowadays.

Today is the fourth installment of the Battle of the Americas tournament, which sees players from across the Americas clashing for supremacy. North America and Latin America do battle against each other to see which region ends up superior, with stiff and aggressive competition filling every match.

We have thirteen players on the roster for today’s installment of the tournament, including the following players:

  • Exon_anXieTy (Zerg)
  • eGGz (Zerg)
  • Shalko (Protoss)
  • Boreau (Terran)
  • Antis (Zerg)
  • ETpwnHome (Zerg)
  • DoctorRyan (Protoss)
  • TheZergLord (Zerg)
  • fullheart2 (Zerg)
  • ErikWM (Zerg)
  • Vindicta_sc2 (Terran)
  • sc2Cham (Zerg)
  • purelegacyy (Terran)

As the roster shows, this tournament seems to be incredibly Zerg heavy, with there being more Zerg players than Terran and Protoss combined. In terms of home nations being represented, however, there’s a much greater variety.

Antis, ETpwnHome, anXieTy, fullheart, Vindicta, and PureLegacy are all representing the United States for North America. Erik and The ZergLord are representing Brazil, Shalko represents Peru, Boreau represents Guatemala, eGGz represents Colombia, and Cham represents Mexico. With half a dozen nations being represented across North America and Latin America, we have a decently diverse roster after all, despite the Zerg dominance.

Because of the Zerg dominance, we’ll naturally be seeing a good amount of Zerg-Zerg match ups. This will likely lean itself to a good amount of macro-heavy aggressive play, as well as affecting what we’ll see from the Terran and Protoss players. Given that bio will naturally be a bulk of the Zerg armies, we can expect to see a good number of anti-bio units like archons, hellbats, and hellions. Still, these tournaments are always a fantastic stage to shake up the meta and try new things, so maybe we’ll see some unorthodox counters?

The Battle of the Americas rewards its winners with OSC points, as well as a modest monetary prize pool. Qualification points are also up for grabs as well, which may be the prize most worth striving for. With the stakes climbing every Battle, who knows what we’ll see in this intense, Zerg-heavy tournament!