Connected Devices Vs. Consoles Jostle At The Biggest E-Games Convention In Cologne, Germany

Connected Devices Vs. Consoles Jostle At The Biggest E-Games Convention In Cologne, Germany
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The world of gaming won’t have much flavor if we do not have events like the Gamescon Fair that happened in Cologne, Germany. The world’s best and largest gaming event featured the stars of online games battling each other using either connected devices or consoles.

The e-Sports fair which took place last August 20 gathered thousands of gamers from all parts of the world to see their favorite e-sports stars battle themselves. The star players then provided attendees with feedback which can help them decide if a new release will be a success or a fail.

Gamescom opened to public admission on Wednesday after event organizers enthused the new generation of gamers with several sneak-peek events. The ads were targeting the rising generation of online game players who spend most of their times in front of their consoles rather than watching television.

E-sport has been taking the world by storm because it has become a million-dollar industry akin to the traditional sports of professional basketball or tennis. Just last month, American Fortnite player Kyle Giersdorf took home a staggering $3 million for winning this year’s Fortnite World Cup.

The Gamescon Germany Fair is keeping an eye on cloud-based gaming, comparing the power of the cloud to the conventional wired gaming devices we’ve had for years. Featured wire consoles during the event were Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation battling it out with streaming platforms like Amazon’s Twitch.

Managing Director Felix Falk said that cloud gaming is significantly becoming a trend. He also explains that cloud gaming is about having access to the newest games using just any device because the account is being held on the cloud platform. Gamescom Germany also spotlighted independent game developers, giving them a share of the limelight.

Fans were able to get up-close to their favorite gaming superstars as they demonstrate upcoming releases. Industry analysts and developers were also present during the fair asking visitors their opinions about their new releases that could possibly top charts in the coming months.

Recent analysis about online gaming puts close to $150 billion of e-gamer spends this year. This includes game purchases and related product sales from e-gamers around the world, estimated at 2.6 billion. According to Mirabaud Securities, this figure will rise to a $174 billion industry by 2021 as the gaming platform becomes increasingly popular.

The Gamescom Germany Fair though is pivotal in the making of cloud gaming a more acceptable channel for e-sports and online gaming.