Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Gets Delayed, Infinity Ward Details What’s Coming To MW

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Gets Delayed, Infinity Ward Details What’s Coming To MW
Credit: Activision

Infinity Ward was scheduled to roll out an update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Tuesday, March 24, but the developers have announced that the scheduled update has been delayed and that it’ll be released within the next couple of days.

In addition to announcing that the scheduled update for Modern Warfare has been delayed, Infinity Ward also detailed what’s coming to their latest Call of Duty title, revealing that a new operator, new modes, and a new map called Khandor Hideout are coming to the game in their next update.

“Tonight’s scheduled title update is being delayed and is set to release in the coming days,” wrote Infinity Ward on Tuesday. “This update includes our new Operator, Talon, new free modes, and our next free multiplayer map, Khandor Hideout. Please stay tuned for more details and updates on release timing!”

The developers also described the Khandor Hideout map, saying that it’s a medium-sized map that’ll support 6v6 matches. The map also has long site lines and interior spaces that’ll complement different combat ranges. You can take a look at their official description below.

“Experience a new battleground with Khandor Hideout. This medium-sized map in Urzikistan supports 6v6 play and has long sight lines and interior spaces to complement diverse combat ranges. The large centrally located warehouse is a hub of activity and haven for CQB players. Hunt down your enemies and be wary of marksmen firing down lanes in Khandor Hideout.”

As of right now, it’s unclear exactly when Infinity Ward will roll out their next update for Modern Warfare, as they didn’t attach a specific date to it. All we know is that it’ll be released in the coming days, barring any further delays.

Also coming in the next update are four new weapons for Call of Duty: Warzone, Modern Warfare’s free to play expansion, as the 725, MK2 Carbine, .50 GS, and EBR-14 will come to the standalone application in common and uncommon variants.

Shortly after it launched, IW decided to add a solos mode to Call of Duty: Warzone, and there could be new modes coming to the free to play, stand-alone application in the future, as the developers are planning to regularly provide updates to the game.

Of course, there are probably some minor fixes coming to both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone in the coming days, but Infinity Ward didn’t reveal what they’re looking into fixing with their next update.