Call Of Duty Community Frustrated As Litany Of PlayStation Benefits Are Made Public

Call Of Duty Community Frustrated As Litany Of PlayStation Benefits Are Made Public
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Cold War is a week away from release, bringing the next iteration of the seemingly annual franchise on November 13, 2020.

The open beta had many players exploring the new setting (and bemoaning the skill-based match-making) of the 1980s complete with tinted aviators and more than a few OD green bags seen across the military.

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Aside from the upset SBMM crowd, the overall reception of the title has been warm enough; at least until yesterday when Treyarch revealed that, once again, PlayStation will be getting advantages in cross-play that no other platform will get.

You can pay the same as everyone else, but your progression will be nerfed unless you’re on the PlayStation 4 or 5 because of reasons. This is a surefire to get everyone excited about giving the studio money.

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In promotional materials, Treyarch states that PlayStation users are going to get two additional loadout slots than everyone else once they hit level four (which unlocks the usage of customizing loadout slots).

PlayStation users will also receive exclusive Double XP events every month, where only PlayStation users will have the opportunity for 24 hours to get twice the experience as everyone else.

Consumers playing on the PlayStation will also receive an additional 25% bonus weapon experience when they play with a party, even cross-platform: if you’re playing on PlayStation with a PC friend, you get to enjoy that 25% while your buddy doesn’t.

Finally, even microtransactions get a bit of a boost for PlayStation users: users that purchase the $20 Battle Pass get five additional tier skips for a total of 25. Of course, all of this is coming in tandem with the 12-month exclusive period of Zombies Onslaught that may hopefully trickle down towards the rest of the people attempting to play the game.

It’s fair to say that this is egregious and anti-consumer to a brand new degree, and blame is being placed at the feet of Treyarch, Activision, and Sony; the latter likely the driving force behind attempting to ensure that PlayStation players get advantages.

At least they’ll still have to use a controller, although the aim-assist removes the joy from that one too. It’s almost like Treyarch doesn’t want people outside of the PlayStation platform to purchase the title, and users have been hot and heavy explaining precisely how they feel about the treatment with colorful epithets and creative insults.

This echoes of earlier Call Of Duty titles, where Xbox users were receiving earlier access to DLCs while PlayStation users had to watch.

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To be clear, neither side is winning in this; it’s simply showing developers and their publishers that they can leverage the two sides against each other and both sides will attack the other instead of the developer’s knee-deep in the anti-consumer practices. It’s just Sony was willing to pay the fee this time, apparently.

Watch everyone still purchase it, though.