Bungie Releases Update, Reminds Community of Migration Changes for Destiny 2

Bungie Releases Update, Reminds Community of Migration Changes for Destiny 2
Credit: Bungie via YouTube

American videogame developer Bungie has issued a public service announcement for Destiny 2 players on PC ahead of its upcoming migration.

Bungie released a video of Questions and Answers to clarify the subject and make the transition easier for players. According to the developer, starting October 1, Destiny 2 for PC will be available on Steam.

“Players should be aware, however, that all in order for recent Silver purchases to successfully transfer to Steam, players MUST log in to Destiny 2 on Battle.net before October 1 to claim their purchased before October 1,” Bungie wrote on their blog.

Silver is the game paid-for currency, and many players have at least a few hundred in their accounts from purchasing Eververse equipment in the past. Migrating the user’s PC account will ensure that their Silver balance carries over to the Steam version.

Moreover, the one-time process will also bring other purchases like cosmetic content and expansions as well as cross-save everything Destiny-related on Battle.net over to Steam.

Initially, head to the official steam page of Bungie and click get started to begin the migration process. Sign from there and confirm your email and account, and subsequently read and accept the transfer agreement.

The system will prompt the user to link their Steam accounts, and from there, players will need to review and finish the setup. Bungie said that players must ensure that their DLCs and Guardians are showing up correctly before finalizing the installation.

Reports of players experiencing missing licenses have been frequent lately. However, issues seem to have been addressed after some day-one complications, but its worth checking.

Users should see a green banner on top of the page to ensure a successful transfer. Meanwhile, Bungie has also disabled Silver purchases in Battle.net to avoid costly player mistakes.

Players who are interested in buying Silver would have to wait until October 1 when Destiny 2 officially launches on Steam.

The developer also mentioned that players can now purchase Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep on any relevant steam page.

The Steam version of Destiny 2 will also come in together with the release of Shadowkeep, which is the fourth expansion that will provide access to new equipment, raids, and missions.

In related news, Bungie also unveiled the ability updates and armor sets of the Shadowkeep. Popular features include buffs, nerfs, and armor sets for hunters, warlocks, and titans.