Bundling And Discounting Overwatch 2 Is Against The Law In Certain Nations

Bundling And Discounting Overwatch 2 Is Against The Law In Certain Nations
Credit: IGN

Since its release, Overwatch 2 has attracted many players, but the game’s problems still need to be resolved. First, players are still annoyed by the ways in which the game is monetized, which is rendered all the more apparent by the current Halloween promotion, which asks players to pay at least $20 for a single hero’s skin.

Players are frustrated by this. It’s so awful that gamers are openly wishing for loot boxes to make a comeback, even though this feature was highly criticized for its presence in the previous game by several different parts of the community.

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The discounts and bundles tied to specific characters are an insult to an injury. For instance, Kiriko’s Halloween skin is now priced at $26 because it is only accessible via a bundle, and it is also reportedly displayed as being discounted by 29%.

If the fact that a recently launched skin is said to be already on offer and limited to a package sounds fishy to you, then you should know that some countries might agree with you on this point. According to a post made on Reddit by a user by the name of Nirxx, this method of monetization may or may not be against the law in your country.

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According to Nirxx’s explanation, certain nations do not permit businesses to lower the pricing of their goods until after those goods have been sold at the standard price for a predetermined period. This restriction prevents corporations from falling prices too frequently.

They further add that some nations require businesses to ensure that everything included in a particular bundle is also available independently, which means that the tactics used to monetize Overwatch 2 may violate the law in your country, depending on where you live.

Many Overwatch 2 skins are on sale as soon as the game is available. However, skins that can only be obtained by purchasing a bundle, such as Kiriko’s Halloween skin, are considered unethical business methods in certain circles.