Build Your Own Colony In A Hostile Environment In New Game Astronauts Coming Next Month

Build Your Own Colony In A Hostile Environment In New Game Astronauts Coming Next Month
Credit: Curve Digital via YouTube

Denki and Curve Digital are releasing an adorable colony-builder game titled Astronauts next month.

In Astronauts, humans are already equipped with the capability to colonize uninhabited planets in the cosmos. You will journey across the vastness of the universe to find suitable planets to explore. Your main purpose is to build colonies that will eventually be self-sustaining.

As you step down from your spacecraft, you will then gather stones and stick to start your mission. You start from the bottom, like growing crops for food, for instance.

Based on the blueprints, you will then manufacture rudimentary items in your effort to create robots. These robots will be crucial to the success of your mission.

You need to be able to use simple coding, however, to automate the robots and teach them what to do. Each of the robots is equipped with different memories to store different commands. Those will less memory won’t be able to do complex tasks. Once they get the directions, you can then move on to other tasks. Finally, you can step back as your colony starts to grow and see a community of worker robots.

Eventually, you will expand this colony to include other lifeforms. You need livestock to support food for humans. The worker robots will also be programmed to do the fishing, tailoring, cooking, and all mundane tasks. The purpose of which is to make sure the colonists’ life is made simple and convenient.

If you don’t have the patience to do all that, there’s an advanced mode that allows you to do so. You can use in-game currency to unlock items and structures. You can also have access to unlimited resources to grow your colony in no time.

Both Denki and Curve Digital are not new to video games. The Scotland-based Denki, for instance, has developed over 180 games. Its titles include Denki Blocks, Go! Go! Beckham, Pac-Man, Looney Tunes Back in Action, Tetris 2008, Quarrel, and Juggle.

Publisher Curve Digital, meanwhile, is responsible for such games as:

· Lone Survivor
· Titan Attacks
· Nova-111
· Action Henk
· Human: Fall Flat
· Bomber Crew
· American Fugitive
· A Knight’s Quest
· Serial Cleaner
· Jump Stars
· Racing Apex
· Pumped BMX

Astronauts has a release date of Oct. 17. However, the game will make an appearance at the Twitchcon on Sept. 27-29 in San Diego, California.

Participants of the event can have the chance to get their first impression of the game as they play Astronauts.