Blizzard Applies New Hotfixes To Battle For Azeroth, Including Rolling Back Ny’alotha Mount Drop Chance Buff

Blizzard Applies New Hotfixes To Battle For Azeroth, Including Rolling Back Ny’alotha Mount Drop Chance Buff
Credit: PicturePlane via YouTube

Blizzard is always hard at work trying to keep their flagship title, World of Warcraft, up and running as often as possible. Sometimes this requires hasty fixes to keep things running smoothly, or sometimes the fixes are simply quality of life updates that they’re making to help improve the gameplay experiences.

Of course, sometimes the two go hand in hand, as they did with the Valentine’s Day patch that went out last Friday. This patch saw the introduction of a few changes – unfortunately, one of those changes being a bug.

This current patch isn’t too big, to be honest. There are only two relatively-small fixes being applied to Battle for Azeroth, and only a single change being made to WoW: Classic. Technically, the Classic change isn’t a change at all, so much as a fix for an issue that was arising with the use of the Real Mob Health add-on.

The Classic fix had to do with a “performance issue resulting from communications initiated by the Real Mob Health add-on,” to quote the patch notes. This seems to have been fixed, but Blizzard still states that Classic players should uninstall the current version of the add-on. It’s unsaid if the issue was the add-on itself, or if uninstalling it is the fix that Blizzard is providing.

Moving back to Battle for Azeroth, we have two simple issues that had two simple fixes. The first fix is being applied to the pair of quests “Supplies from the Rajani” and “Supplies from the Uldum Accord, which was preventing players from being able to turn the quests in for Paragon Cache rewards. Blizzard has located the issue and fixed the quest so that eligible players can once again complete the quest.

The second fix was an issue on two mythic raid bosses, Lady Jaina Proudmoore and N’Zoth the Corruptor. Both of these bosses drop mounts on mythic difficulty, and the drop rate saw a buff in the last patch, which increased the number of mounts dropped from one to two. Unfortunately, something in the previous hotfix ended up doing the opposite and making zero mounts drop, so Blizzard rolled the patch back to allow the bosses to drop a single mount. They state in their patch notes that the bosses will be back to dropping two mounts with restarts in each region.

Those handful of fixes are all we have for the patch notes this time around. Once the raids reset, do your best to get out there and grab those mounts!