Blizzard Adds Rank 14 Cloak, Various Hotfixes, And An Alpaca Mount To World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth

Blizzard Adds Rank 14 Cloak, Various Hotfixes, And An Alpaca Mount To World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth
Credit: Traxium via YouTube

Let’s be honest, the alpaca mount is way more desirable than the rest of the stuff being added.

Blizzard has had a busy few days with their modern version of World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth. They’ve added in a handful of hotfixes, as well as bringing the next rank of the legendary cloak up to 14, while also adding a world boss that has a chance to drop you an alpaca.

As a heads up, these changes are all to World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and don’t affect the Classic servers in any way. If you’re looking to ride to Molten Core atop an alpaca, you’re unfortunately out of luck. However, there is one  Classic bugfix, making it so players under level 30 can no longer enter the Maraudon dungeon using the Scepter of Celebras. Otherwise, everything is related to BfA

Speaking of the hotfixes, Blizzard has made it so players can earn the Wrecking Ball achievement in the Tarren Mill vs. Southshore PVP brawl. They’ve also fixed a bug regarding the Writhing Segment’s on-use ability to trigger Rogues’ Blade Furry ability.

In PVP, they’ve also made it so that the Ashran team size has been reduced to 25 instead of the current 40, a change of which will take effect with the regional restarts. Blizzard states that they’re looking to improve Ashran as a whole and will be keeping an eye on the feature to see how the player count changes things.

Looking to the world boss, Blizzard has added Dunegorger Kraulok as a world boss in Vol’dun. This boss has a chance to drop a Slightly Damp Pile of Fur, which will give you the alpaca mount. Dunegorger Kraulok is on a rotation with the five other world bosses, so make sure you down him this week before he goes back into rotation for a proper chance at the mount.

Finally, they’ve increased the rank of the legendary cloak to 14 for players that are still pushing endgame content. The item level of Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve has been increased from 494 to 496. Additionally, the Corruption Resistance is increased from 42 to 50. Sanity Loss Reduction has also been increased from 70% to 75%.

And that’s all the changes we have in this set of updates! Most of these are already live, so get out there and grab your alpaca mount. The Ashran change will occur with regional restarts, which will be taking effect soon as well.