Bethesda Showed Off The New Wastelander Update As A Thanksgiving Gift To Fans, Developers Hope To Move Past The Fallout 1st Debacle With New Content

Bethesda Showed Off The New Wastelander Update As A Thanksgiving Gift To Fans, Developers Hope To Move Past The Fallout 1st Debacle With New Content
Credit: Bethesda Via Youtube

The Wastelander update has long been awaited by fans, with some even calling it “the patch to fix Fallout 76.” It is adding NPCs, companions, and dialogue to the game, adding the roleplaying part back into the often discussed RPG game. Bethesda has been playing catch up since the release of this title, and many fans are feeling that the Wastelanders update might bring the game up to speed with what it should have been.

The update is expected to deliver a new story quest with branching dialogue and the same choices and consequences that fans have loved from previous games. Companions are returning, and players will have a chance to meet and interact with two new human factions: Settlers and Raiders.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, Bethesda decided to share some screenshots fro the upcoming Wastelander Update. This was a chance for the developers to show off some new areas and give some idea of what dangerous people or things occupy the land.

The first screenshot shows off what seems to be a broken-down church. The text provided only reads, “Some mysterious cultists have infiltrated Appalachia, what are they up to?” providing a mystery that players will surely have to solve once the patch is live. This could be a really cool quest line for players to explore, with the cult having something to do with the two factions.

Another shows an underground tunnel where survivors have taken up residence. They seem to be in preparation for building a city but still really early in the development stages. The text provided reads, “Below Spruce Knob, Foundation settlers have discovered a cave where they can take cover from Scorchbeasts and make plans to rebuild Appalachia.” 

This could be the beginning of a faction or simply another town for players to explore and enjoy. With talking, NPCs, and a “real” questline provided, players are excited for a chance at diving into the Fallout experience they expected upon launch.

The one question that remains on many fan’s minds is: will this update be enough for fans to forgive Bethesda’s recent actions? There is tons of drama surrounding the Fallout 76 subscription service, and this is not the first time the company has hit controversy. From the really poor quality bags to the “toys” marketed as realistic Pipboys, the company has betrayed fans left and right. Only time will be able to tell if the Wastelander update could be the beginning of change for the company.

Fallout 76 is expected to release the Wastelanders update early in 2020. No official release date has been given, but it will be free for all owners of Fallout 76. The update will appear slowly and spread throughout the game over the course of several months, with updates every few weeks and small patches scattered within.